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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The After-Math of the First Presidential Debate--and the winner is . . . .

Only Time Will Tell.

                      Who Won The First Presidential Debate? Who Won The First Presidential Debate?
Relive the best and worst moments from last night's showdown in Denver.
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Best Answer From Romney: On Oil Subsidies
When President Obama criticized the $4 billion in subsidies received by oil companies every year, Romney fired back with his strongest answer of the night, countering the president’s point by noting that the Obama administration has put $90 billion into subsidizing green jobs, and that half of the recipient companies failed.
Although Romney’s response was largely false — it’s not true that half of the recipients have failed, he was wrong about the amount subsidizing Big Oil, and Romney himself actually supports much of the green jobs spending (most notably the money that goes towards “clean coal”) — it was nevertheless a strong moment in terms of style. By mentioning specifics, which he is generally loath to do, Romney presented himself as the competent business veteran that his campaign has been unsuccessfully promoting for years.

THANK YOU, Mister Mitt Romney For Reminding Us Yet Again Why We SHOULD RE-ELECT President Barack H. Obama.
Thank You, Te D.-->" I thought Romney was rude - over-running the moderator at every turn. He was aggressive, spoke like he was amped up on caffeine and got in the last word every time. Is this what we want in a leader... someone who will try to bully the world? Then there are those pesky little facts..."
That Indeed Is A Very Good Question--After all, anyone who would 'bully' one person would also 'bully' other people who serve him at his whim as so called 'friends'.  
How can I forget, that after I learned my lesson--how rude and crude the bosses at the cleaning service really were--I tried to pass it on to one of our customers, but she--Michelle F. was too busy collecting the rent from the cleaning service to care how the cleaning service was managed (in this case, dodging various Federal and State Taxes) or so she said when she called me up on the telephone forbidding me to talk with anyone from her office--lesson being as long as the money is being paid to Landerwood Plaza Management-- who cares what laws are being broken????

By James Boyce, Manuel Pastor, Triple Crisis
Cleaning up the air is an issue that starts with your health, not just the planet's. READ MORE»

Take action! 

 Dear Readers,
Big Coal is blowing up mountains, burying streams, and contaminating waters--forever altering our nation's landscape and contaminating drinking water. Coal companies and their lobbyists are pushing more than 100 new mountaintop removal mining permits, seeking permission to blow more mountains up and destroy more mountain streams in even more communities.

Please join me in telling the Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Protection Agency to stop these permits, to stand up for justice for local families, and to resist political pressure from coal company lobbyists.

Thank You and Thank You, Mr. President for all you have done for Green Energy and For America and For the Global Environment.

Sierra Club - Explore, enjoy and protect the planet

Dear Readers, I am passing on this e-mail because our Environment is too important not to;

Tonight, Obama and Romney
debated America's energy future.

Presidential Debate

Share the best -- or worst -- quote
of the debate!
That was something. After all the speculation, speeches, and spin, President Obama and Mitt Romney shared the presidential debate stage tonight. And on question after question, both candidates kept bringing their answers back to America's energy future.

For millions of Americans, this debate was their first chance to find out where the candidates really stand on some of the biggest issues facing our country -- including subsidies for Big Oil and Big Coal.

And tonight, the candidates gave voters something to think about.

We want to know what you thought the most important moment was. Check out the top quotes below and cast your vote by sharing the best -- or worst -- on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Mitt Romney on oil and gas permits on public lands: "I'll double them."
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  • President Obama: "The oil industry gets $4 billion a year in corporate welfare. Why wouldn't we want to eliminate that?"
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  • Mitt Romney: "By the way, I like coal."
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  • President Obama: "We've got to look at the energy sources of the future, like wind and solar."
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Now that the debate is over, millions of Americans have finally seen for themselves how President Obama's and Mitt Romney's plans for our environment and our energy future stack up. Now they understand what you and I have known for a long time: In this race, only one candidate has a record and a plan that takes the threats posed by big polluters and runaway climate disruption seriously.

During tonight's debate, the candidates couldn't have been more different. Mitt Romney never missed an opportunity to attack clean energy, while President Obama repeatedly called for the elimination of Big Oil's big tax breaks.

While this was an eye-opening debate for many, some Americans missed it -- and the fossil fuel companies that have already spent millions to push their agenda are guaranteed to try and spend more to change the subject. So make sure your friends and family get the message. Share the big moments from tonight's debate on your social networks, so everyone can see where Mitt Romney and President Obama really stand on protecting our environment and the health of our communities and families.
         Thanks for all you do to protect our environment,

         Cathy Duvall
         Sierra Club Political Director