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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This Is What is Wrong With The Religious Right--The Holy Bible is Not a Science book--Any more than any Science book is a Holy Book. As Albert Einstein has been quoted-->"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."

By Zach Ford, Think Progress
The former child star is playing the victim card for all that it’s worth. READ 

According to Wikipedia-->

Kirk Cameron's Evangelistic ministry

Cameron currently partners with fellow evangelist Ray Comfort, training Christians in evangelism. Together, they founded the ministry of The Way of the Master,[34] which is best known for the television show of the same name that Cameron co-hosts, and which won the National Religious Broadcasters’ Best Program Award for two consecutive years.[35] It also formerly featured a radio show known as The Way of the Master Radio with talk show host Todd Friel.[36] The radio show was later canceled, and replaced with Wretched Radio, hosted by Friel. Cameron, along with his wife, founded The Firefly Foundation, which runs Camp Firefly, a summer camp that gives terminally ill children and their families a free week's vacation.[37][38]
Cameron and Comfort participated in a televised debate with atheists Brian Sapient and Kelly O'Conner of the Rational Response Squad, at Calvary Baptist Church, in Manhattan, on May 5, 2007. It was moderated by ABC's Martin Bashir and parts of it were aired on Nightline. At issue was the existence of God, which Comfort stated he could prove scientifically, without relying on faith or the Bible.[39] The audience was composed of both theists and atheists. Points of discussion included atheism and evolutionary theory.[40] While Sapient contended during his arguments that Comfort violated the rules by talking about the Ten Commandments, Cameron later stated on the Way of the Master radio show that the rules of the debate did not say that the Bible could never be referenced, but rather that Comfort simply had to come up with one argument that didn't reference the Bible or faith.[41][dead link]
In November 2009, Cameron and others distributed free copies of an altered version of Darwin's On the Origin of Species on college campuses in the United States.[42][43] The book consisted of Darwin's text with chapters of the book removed, and with an added introduction by Ray Comfort reiterating common creationist assertions about Darwin and evolution. The book has been criticized by scientists and Darwin biographers who state that key chapters of the book have been omitted, and that its introduction contains misinformation about Darwin, logical fallacies and "a hopeless mess of long-ago-refuted creationist arguments, teeming with misinformation about the science of evolution".[44][45] Comfort later said that the four chapters were chosen at random to be omitted in order to make the book small enough to be affordable as a giveaway, with the absent chapters available for download, but that the missing chapters were included in the second edition, which had a smaller text size that made printing the entire book as a giveaway affordable. The second edition still lacks Darwin's preface and glossary of terms.[46] The National Center for Science Education arranged a campaign at colleges across the U.S. to distribute an analysis of the Comfort introduction and a banana bookmark,[47] in reference to Comfort's argument that the structure of the banana is evidence for Intelligent Design, or God.[48]
In March 2012, Kirk Cameron stated on Piers Morgan Tonight that "homosexuality is unnatural, detrimental and ultimately destructive to foundations of civilization".[49] Cameron's comments received criticism from GLAAD,[50] and provoked a backlash from the public and members of the entertainment industry, including Roseanne Barr, Kristin Chenoweth, Craig Ferguson, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Debra Messing, Martha Plimpton, as well as Growing Pains co-stars, Tracey Gold and Alan Thicke. Piers Morgan stated that Cameron was brave for expressing his opinion, "however antiquated his beliefs may be".[51][52][53] Rosie O'Donnell invited him to discuss his recent comments on same-sex marriage on The Rosie Show, but he declined and suggested a private dinner to discuss this topic personally.[54]
On April 11, 2012, Cameron was honored by Indiana Wesleyan University, and inducted into their Society of World Changers during a ceremony in which he spoke on IWU's campus.[55]

Kirk Cameron heats up the pot and wonders why he get burnt. To paraphrase the old saying--If you can't take the heat--Don't be the one setting the kitchen on fire. 

And Yet, Kirk Cameron has the nerve to claim that he is a Victim. IF he is anything--IMO-He Is The Victimizer.