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Saturday, October 13, 2012

We Are To Be Stewarts of This Land, Air and Water, so that we can pass it on to the future generations--the true owners of the Planet We Call--Earth.

The Reason That We Should NOT Be Drilling In The Arctic Ocean Is-->

BP Amnesia: Life and Death After the Spill

As weathered oil and dead marine life continue to wash up on Gulf shores, environmentalists worry that America has failed to heed the lessons of the summer of 2010, when an ocean of oil gushed from a broken pipe, and mesmerized a nation.


Lest we have a repeat of this disaster!

Speaking of messes that need cleaning up-->

Repair Leaky Sewage Systems in Miami-Dade, Florida ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

According to the EPA, about 240,000 line breaks occur across the country's sewage systems each year with many of them being over 100 years old. Miami-Dade County, Florida has often been a site of poorly kept systems; in 1996, the county was made to pay a

 HINT--HINT---United States of America--Looks Like We Should Be Following Mother England's Most Excellent Example--Thank You, Great Britain!! Thank You Very Much, Indeed!!!!!

Applaud Efforts To Turn Britain's Isle Of Wight Into A Self-Sufficient Island of Renewable Energy ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Commend Ecoisland's efforts to turn Britain's Isle of Wight into a self-sustaining oasis of renewable energy.
And Best Of ALL, I Get To End This Post On A Positive Note--Thank You, Great Britain!!!!!