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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday's Post--Reality Check Time.

This is Why Fracking Must End and End Now!!!!!
By Sandra Steingraber, Kathleen Nolan, New Yorkers Against Fracking
Here is why we need a comprehensive Health Impact Assessment to determine what high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing would mean for the health of New Yorkers. READ MORE»

Tana Ganeva, AlterNet

Last weekend, Paul Ryan demonstrated his compassion for the poor by rolling up his sleeves at an Ohio soup kitchen  and faking a photo op. The VP candidate waltzed into a Cleveland-area Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society well after everyone had eaten and left, and washed some pans that may or may not have already been cleaned while reporters took pictures. 
In addition to widespread mockery, Ryan's half-assed attempt to simulate concern for the poor for 15 minutes drew an angry response from the President of the facility, Brian J. Antal, who told the Washington Post that Ryan's slimy political theater might jeopardize donations to the food bank. “We’re a faith-based organization; we are apolitical because the majority of our funding is from private donations,” he said. " ... we "can’t afford to lose funding from these private individuals.” 

As it turns out, the privilege of being Ryan's background scenery has already taken a toll on the organization. Antal told the Huffington Post t hat many donors have fled, leading to a loss of funds. 
 "It appears to be a substantial amount," Antal told the Huffington Post. "You can rest assured there has been a substantial backlash."
On top of all that, deranged conservatives have been harassing volunteers, Antal claims:
Ryan supporters have now targeted Antal and his soup kitchen, Antal said, including making hundreds of angry phone calls. Some members of Antal's volunteer staff have had to endure the barrage as well, he said. "The sad part is a lot of [the callers] want to hide behind anonymity," he said, adding that if someone leaves their name and number he has tried to return their call. 
 This is Why I call the alliance between the Religious Right and the Republican Party An UN-Holy Alliance.

After all, This Is How Far Out Of Touch of Reality The Right-Wing is-->
By Tina Dupuy, The Skeptic
The newest anti-abortion scheme reaches deep into the past for inspiration. READ MORE»

 REALITY CHECK TIME--THE ONLY REAL DANGER OF 'SOYLENT GREEN'Has of Becoming a Reality--Would Be IF the Right-Wing Makes it happen. After all, 'Soylent Green' took place in a future where there was Over-Population and a Devastated Environment--which can happen if the Right-Wing Climate Change Deniers gain power to destroy the environment with 'Fracking' and De-Regulation, combined with their Anti-Choice Stance.