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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Now Within Hours of the First Presidential Debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

Laura Gottesdiener, AlterNet
Wielding 3D printers and the backing of the gun lobby, firearm enthusiasts hope to create a "private law society." READ MORE»

 Well, off hand, I can think of a whole lot going wrong. After all, I can still remember when my younger son was a wrestling fanatic and had this 'life size poster of Stone Cold Steve Austin on his door and no matter how many times I reminded myself that it was there, when I put away his clothes, before he had the job of doing it himself, I would always catch it in the corner of my eye and end up jumping through my skin for that brief second. Or that picture that he had of 'The Undertaker' that we had to remove from his room because he said that the eyes were beginning to move and began scaring him--This Is Why I Say That The NRA Had Better Start Being Careful, Because They Are Starting To Do More And More To Prove Why There Needs To Be Gun Control.

Joshua Holland, AlterNet
Carlson's big fail wasn't the first and won't be the last READ MORE»

Having also seen the report of this on CNN, this sounds like an act of Total Desperation On The Side of the Right-Wing--They Are Now Willing To Do Absolutely Anything To Win this election--which tells me that they know that they are LOSING. After all, the one and only group whom they have everyone from us Women, in too many ways to even begin to count--but if you want to go to Care2 and look up the War On Women, there all the various attacks should still be archived and the current ones posted. They have gone too far to the Right, not to have offended us Moderates and they have become too Divisive for us Independents and no one from the Republican Side has disputed all the hateful and racist statements made by the Tea Party--So Who In Their Right Mind Would Vote Republican???

 Good Question--After all, as a person who had kept my late Father's phone number, since moving in kept me busy enough, not to get around to changing the number, then I started using it as my own, so now it is too well known as my phone number to change it--Well, With the exceptions of the Republican Party and Conservative PAC's who called up the house insisting that the Conservative Voter should Vote Against President Obama because he was not born here in the United States and they even Claimed that he secretly has a Connecticut State Issued Social Security Card--AS IF ANY STATE ISSUES A Social Security Card--That is the Job of The Federal Government--then I have heard some Conservatives attempt to Justify it by saying that he has a Connecticut Issued Social Security Number--AS IF THE NUMBERS ARE GIVEN ACCORDING TO STATE--AS IF.