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Thursday, October 4, 2012

It is About Support--It is Indeed better to give than to receive--IF Possible and When ever Possible as much as Possible--Because Sometimes We have Needs too.

Dear Readers, I am passing this e-mail on, because whether we agree or disagree on either of the Wars in Afghanistan or Iraq--that does not matter--what does matter is that we Americans owe our Troops our support, who deserve the support of their Government for which they have served;
For those of you who signed my petition "Jobs for Veterans,"  people are posting new petitions for those of you from:
      North Carolina - "Senator Burr don't abandon veterans"
      Florida               "Senator Rubio Why did you abandon veterans?"
      Arkansas            "Senator Boozman voted to block veterans bill"  
      Arizona              "Have Senator Kyl explain his vote against veterans"

Let's create a grassroots movement to make all these Senators who voted "NO" be accountable to their constituents!

Also consider signing: "Let's Fight for our Veterans"
                                "Navy Veterans denied Care"

Thanks, Brenda               

And Speaking of Support--We also need to Support PBS-->

Laura Gottesdiener, AlterNet
You know electoral politics have reached a new low point when the only thing to talk about post-election is an oversized yellow fowl. READ MORE»

My sons are now 23 and 21 years old, but when they were little. I remember when PBS was their favorite channel. I remember when they watched Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, Wishbone, Arthur, and of course there was Lamb Chop Play-a-Long with the late great Shari Lewis. I remember when she did the origami, I was handed a piece of paper and expected to do as well as she did, but I always cheated with tape.
Now it is another generations turn--they should not get cheated out of PBS--They deserve to grow up with PBS as much as any and every generation did, even though I confess that I did not. After all, PBS is on UHF and when I was growing up we had an old black and white television which only had the old channels and by the time that we got a new tv with the new channels--I had already out-grown Sesame Street--BUT MANY WHO ARE YOUNGER THAN I AM DID GROW UP WITH THESE SHOWS AMONG MANY OTHERS--AND WITH CONTINUED SUPPORT--MANY MORE GENERATIONS TO COME.