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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Environment matters, because Life matters.

World Bank: Climate Change Progress Urgently Needed -- Take Action

SmokestacksThe World Bank has called for urgent global action to address the climate crisis. In a report released last week, the international lender offered a snapshot of a world 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit warmer -- the worst-case scenario projected by the International Panel on Climate Change, possible as soon as 2060.

A warmer climate will produce record heat waves, rising sea levels, more severe and frequent tropical storms, droughts and floods, and irreversible biodiversity loss; effects will include extreme water scarcity, food shortages, increased poverty and impaired public health, according to the Bank's report.

Said Rachel Kyte, the Bank's vice president for sustainable development: "We hope this paper makes it more difficult for policymakers to ignore the science. The science is unequivocal."

Read more in U.S. News & World Report and take action to tell decision-makers to reduce greenhouse gases.
 YES, World Bank--Our Environment is worth Saving!!!

Suit Filed to Speed Recovery of Mexican Gray Wolves in Southwest

Mexican gray wolfThe Center for Biological Diversity filed suit Wednesday challenging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's failure to respond to its 2004 petition. The Center called for implementation of sweeping reforms in the management of the Mexican gray wolf population in Arizona and New Mexico, which has grown by a scant three animals over the past eight years. Only 58 wolves remain in the wild today.

Recommendations from a scientific panel in 2001, which called for an immediate reduction in the number of wolves removed from the wild and an increase in the number released, have languished for 11 years even as the Service has repeatedly pledged to act on them. The wild wolves' genetic diversity has been compromised through inbreeding, likely leading to small litter sizes and reduced pup-survival rates.

"The only wild Mexican wolf population on Earth is stagnant, and losing irreplaceable genetic diversity, because the Fish and Wildlife Service is ignoring the pleas of scientists and stalling on vital reforms," said Michael Robinson, the Center's Mexican wolf specialist.

Read more about the Center's decades-long campaign to recover Mexican gray wolves.

After all, killing off this predictor is simply a bad excuse to go hunting--Look at what is happening in Australia--the kangaroo's only predictor--the dingo was killed off, now kangaroos are over-populating and must be hunted---THIS IS NOT SOMETHING WE NEED REPEATED HERE IN THE UNITED STATES--LET US LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKE AND NOT DELIBERATELY REPEAT IT SO THAT HUNTERS HAVE AN EXCUSE TO HUNT.