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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Post for this Day--Yes, I have finally Written Something that I hope is worth reading.

Alex Kane, AlterNet
Reuters reports that a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas has been reached, while CNN reports Israel denies that and wants 24 hours of calm before a full cease-fire would take effect. READ MORE»

Hear is to hoping that this is True--That there really will be a cease fire. Not That the Cease Fire is the Goal, but hopefully the first step in Finally Resolving this Seemingly never ending conflict.  After all, this Conflict has been going on so long that I am becoming convinced that both sides are equally to be blamed. After all, I have seen both sides have their propaganda machines in full gear and question whether either side will do absolutely anything to gain the upper hand, which means my emotions have entered this mess.

This is why we need a calmer head to prevail, a cool calm head who can mediate a fair and just treaty that is fair and just for both Israel, WHICH REALLY DOES HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST--and for the Palistinians, who also have Rights Which Should Be Respected and Honored.