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Monday, November 5, 2012


today's action Support the Preservation of African American History and Culture
Viewing Rosa Parks' dress or Louis Armstrong's trumpet can ignite a moment that doesn't just teach us about history, but about ourselves.

If you value the richness and diversity of the African American experience and want to share how it has helped shape this nation, please help support the National Museum of African American History and Culture's vision of unity and education.

For today's Daily Action, pledge to support the preservation and celebration of African American history and culture.

           I AM TAKING ACTION!

 Somehow this action feels fitting. The day before America Decides whether or not to Re-Elect America's first African-American President. 
Somehow it feels fitting for this blog to go back to politics. After all, where I work, my head manager and his supervisor(through their saragate--the junior manager--who even has been known to make people work through their breaks, but fear not--he does not take responsibility for breaking the law-HE BLAMES PRESIDENT OBAMA--AS ANY TRUE REPUBLICAN DOES!!!)-- have been having free reign to campaign for Mitt Romney--they have blamed President Obama for almost everything--AS IF IT IS MERELY A COINCIDENCE THAT IF OBAMACARE IS ENDED AND INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE FREE TO DROP PEOPLE JUST WHEN THEY NEED THEIR INSURANCE THE MOST OR TO RAISE RATES. HAVE NO FEAR--At the Wendy's  I work for we have COMMUNITY NIGHT(Sadly, no one has yet to take advantage of-at least to my knowledge)--WHERE 10%--10% OF THE PROFITS OF THAT NIGHT WILL GO TO CHARITY--BUT-BUT-BUT-ASK NOT WHERE THE 90% WILL GO. 

Ah, Yes, Is It Any Wonder Why So Many Television EvangelistS also Support Mitt Romney. After all, when people are cold and hungry and have no place else to go--they go to church charities, where they also become members--Donating Members--IS IT ANY WONDER THESE TELEVISION EVANGELIST HAVE A VESTED INTEREST TO SEE AN END OF OBAMACARE!!!!!  IS IT ANY WONDER THAT IF THEIR SCHEME  WORKS--EVENTUALLY PEOPLE WILL CURSE OUT THEIR JESUS IN THEIR NAME!!!

Well, one good thing will come with this election, Management can go back to managing. After all, with the Election being such a HIGH PRIORITY-WHO has time to fix the TWO leaking sinks that both leak, NOT DRIPS BUT STEADY STREAMS--Who has the time to fix entery doors that stick open--Who has time to order supplies--So the drips cost money by wasting water--so the open doors cost money in wasted natural gas--THE HIGHER THEIR BILLS = THE MORE THEY CAN BLAME PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR BEING 'ANTI-BUSINESS'.