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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Fight for Ohio's Demorcacy and Environment.

Dear Readers, I am passing on this e-mail with the hope that anyone who can sign the petition will do so;
Going into Election Day, I just couldn't shake my fear that Republicans' efforts would deny the right to vote to thousands of voters in Ohio. I never want to feel that way again—no voter should. 
I felt this way because of Ohio Secretary of State John Husted, who cut early voting, complicated the registration process, and forced voters to wait for hours to cast ballots on November 6.1 Thankfully, Secretary Husted's scheme didn't work. We won Ohio.
But as of Friday, Secretary Husted is still fighting against counting every legitimate ballot cast.2 That's why we're launching a campaign to remove Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted from office right away. Ohio has a process to remove a statewide official from office—but that can only happen if state legislators hear a massive public outcry.
We've got to move fast and get this off the ground before Secretary Husted and his allies can duck out of public view to begin planning their next voter intimidation plan.
Will you sign this petition to remove Secretary of State John Husted from office? It reads:
"Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted led a comprehensive assault on Ohioans' voting rights in 2012. It's time to remove him from office."
We beat Secretary Husted's suppression efforts with a huge get-out-the-vote campaign, ads and billboards that broke through the confusion, supporting lawsuits by the ACLU, Obama for America and other allies, and other tactics to let people know when and where to vote early.
We can use those tactics, and more, to show Secretary Husted as the face of a vote-suppressing regime that we never want to see again. As an elected official, he can only do his job with the public's permission. But if thousands of us quickly make it clear that we don't want him in charge of our elections, we could force him out.
Voters must never worry about whether they'll be able to vote, or their votes will be counted. Secretary Husted, who actively implemented schemes to undermine voters, is doing Ohio a disservice and and is unfit to serve. 
Thanks for all you do.
–Garlin, Mark, Stefanie, Ilya, and the rest of the team

 In Case there are any questions why-->
1. "Federal judge rips Jon Husted for unconstitutional change to Ohio election rules," The Cleveland Plain Dealer, November 13, 2012

2. "Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted wins federal appeals court round on provisional ballots," The Cleveland Plain Dealer, November 16, 2012

The fight for clean energy
will go on

“The promise of Proposal 3 was great, and many of us worked very hard to help pass it, but Big Coal and the utility companies spent tens of millions of dollars on a misinformation campaign that left the voters confused and determined to simply say ‘no’ to anything that changed the Constitution,” according to Ecology Center director Michael Garfield. “At the end of the day, that spelled defeat for Proposal 3.”

Most especially, Here on this blog from Ohio, Since for me it is personal--Very Personal, Indeed and this is why-->

Women exposed to hazardous chemicals at work are 42 percent more likely to develop breast cancer, study finds

A study released today (Nov. 19) in the journal Environmental Health found a statistically significant association between the increased risk of breast cancer among women who work in jobs where they are exposed to a "toxic soup" of chemicals.

After all, from Nov of 2004 to Dec of 2010, I worked at a Cleaning Service and used the cleaning supplies that I was told to use, without having the privilege of knowing what was the chemical make up of them nor the privilege of Health Care. Looks like that was one advantage of me supplying my own cleaning supplies toward the end, when I was "self-employed", but collecting a paycheck from these Holy Ghost Filled Christian Tax Dodgers--a.k.a. my former bosses.