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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Part I-- Let the Dialog begin.

Puerto Ricans: ¡Sí! to Statehood

Residents of Puerto Rico Tuesday voted on a ballot question that could ultimately remake the American flag.
In an August vote, a majority of voters voted in opposition to continuing Puerto Rico’s current status within the United States, triggering a second round of balloting Tuesday to seek the path forward. In the vote, 61 percent of voters favored seeking statehood, while 33 percent supported becoming an “associated free state.” 6 percent backed independence.
“We made history with this plebiscite,” said Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi, D/PNP-P.R., the island’s representative in Congress. “The ball is now in Congress’ court and Congress will have to react to this result.” READ MORE!!!!

Well, maybe it is time to open up the dialog and seriously consider the possibility. To tell the truth, I have never be further south than Louisiana, so to say that I do not know much about Puerto Rico is putting it mildly, but I do know how much debt the Federal Government is in. As the saying goes more hands lighten the load--so now that the National Debt is this high--we--the 50 states might need the 51st state now more than ever.  Yes, Let Us Seriously Consider The State of Puerto Rico.