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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In Support Of Our Envionment.

I am passing on this e-mail, because Our Air and Our Environment is Too Important not to. After all, once again, the documentary 'Black Blizzard' was on--This time I only watched a few minutes of it--but that was long enough for me to remember what dire consequences our actions can be to Our Environment and Our Health.


Declare Your Right to Breathe
Right To Breathe
Every year, the United States loses thousands of children and adults to sicknesses brought on by the negative effects of air pollution. Tragically, the technology to dramatically reduce this harmful air pollution from entering our atmosphere is available today, but major polluters are not required by law to use it. So, Americans continue to breathe dirty air, continue to fall sick, continue to die...

Major polluters are guilty each and every day they do not enact steps to prevent pollution. Let's take a stand and remind dirty industries that our bodies are not dumping grounds for chemicals and pollutants. We have a fundamental right to clean air, and we want it NOW!
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YES, I have and Please do join me, IF you have not already.