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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Harness the Power of Frustration


By Jorge Cruise

There comes a point when you have to say “Enough is enough!” Frustration can create a powerful desire for change – in fact, it’s one of the most valuable motivational tools there is. Think about how being unfit has cost you, whether in your career, intimate relationship or your family. How many activities have you missed out on because you physically couldn’t partake in them? How often have you stayed home because you felt too ashamed or embarrassed about your body?

Be honest with yourself. Explore each and every aspect of your life in which inactivity and overeating has held you back. Then pick up a pen and let your dissatisfaction tumble out onto the pages of your journal. (If you don’t already write in a journal, start one!) Once you’re done, you’ll have the genesis of your success right in front of you. These are the reasons you need to change your life for good. Use it to propel you toward your goals. When you experience moments of doubt or start to question whether you really need to work out, go directly to this page in your journal and read it. Make the dissatisfaction work for you!

Actually, I believe this should be the Daily Life Tip. After all, it seems with me nothing new starts until I have gotten totally frustrated with the old, So Frustrated that I make changes in my life, which without an occasional frustration would be a series of habits.  After all, I am one creature of habit, once I get into a routine it is near impossible to change it.  I know it is me, but some how there is a comfort that is beyond words or reason about the familiar, not matter how good, bad or indifferent it is. Well, bad to a point, the point where it becomes more terrifying than making the change that would get rid of it.
But then again, change is growth. Here's to Growing. After all, God's not finished with me yet. I am still learning and growing.
The proof of this is when my 'old job' got so unbearable that I even began to blog about it. After all, I was (am still) so invisible that there was no one to complain to, so I came here to rant. But, now I work at a 'new job' where I am seen and heard, so there is no point to blogging about it. I'll keep both jobs for a while. After all, after so long of only having a part-time dead end job ate up so much of my savings that I need to replace.
Now this is bearable, since now I have the freedom of choice on whether to stay or go.