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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything Kind of Day from job clubs to Republican debate

Diana Miller, Founder, Job Club Architect

The Community Job Club' s missions is to help job seekers conquer job search hurdles, families survive and thrive during challenging times and communities shape up their economic fitness.

If your community is interested in starting a Community Job Club to shape up and be career champions, give us a call.  Visit our website at

Since this Global Recession has produced a Global Un- and Underemployment, I can only Hope and Pray that by passing this on; that the possible creation of more Job Clubs might some how help to inspire some one to start up their own job club in their own community.

On second thought, that really did not come out right. What I should have written was that I hope and pray that others are inspired to start Job Clubs in their own communities, If one does not already exist. If there is one already, I would highly encourage any job seeker, who is not already a member, to do himself/herself the favor of joining it.

Russians fight Twitter and Facebook battles over Putin election

Protests against president's party escalate across social media with flood of automated counterattacks and alleged hacking

The reason that I try to do my best to stick with local politics are these--(1) I do not know whether a news story like this is Good News Or Bad News Or No News Or Something Else, entirely. (2) I know what 'Lake of Fire' I am tempted to tell a person to jump into who walks up to me and starts telling me--how I better vote be it this way or that way on any issue or candidate or party. As the result, I will campaign for or against something or someone, but hopefully and prayerfully stop short of dictating to people, who are as blessed as I am with Intelligence and Free-will, how they should be voting or thinking. This is why I do my best not to do it to others.

The most I can do at times like this, IMHO, is hope and pray that it works out well for the people.

Israeli Planes Attack Gaza Targets - JERUSALEM — Israel carried out more airstrikes in Gaza early Friday, killing one Palestinian, as militants fired more rockets into southern Israel. Tensions flared after an Israeli airs...


As much as I hope and pray that the 'Arab Spring' works out to create as many Democracies as possible and that each and every nation recognizes that ALL their citizens have certain God given Rights: we also have to remember that Israel has the Right to Exist, as sure as the Arab World has the Right to Reinvent themselves and their countries.
But then again, This is something that Palestine and Israel will have to work out, themselves. After all, at the end of the day ( no one will or should give a hoot what this mere blogger thinks or believes), They are the ones who will have to live with the results; either they will learn to live with each other or to continue the killing and dying.

On ABC, Dec 10, 2011---Republican Debate--Your Voice, Your Vote: Republican Presidential Candidate Debate in Iowa: GOP presidential candidates discuss issues in Des Moines, Iowa. . . .

Which I will not be watching for these reasons--(1) this Independent is already committed to the Re-election of Barack Obama.   After all, IMO the Tea Party Movement has taken the Republican Party waaaaaaaaaaaay too far to the right for this Moderates liking. (2) I would rather be thinking locally--very locally, since my older son, Andrew is about to run for Precinct Committee Person of the Democratic Party or could it be for the Democratic Party, will either way. That, IMO, is an Higher Priority.