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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Good News, The Bad News and My Rant

First, the good news-->
On Nov 30, 2011, you signed the petition, Big Banks: Back Off 103-Year-Old Woman!. The petition author, Care2 Consumer Issues, has now closed the petition and sent this message to all its signers:


Thank you all for signing the petition asking Vinia Hall's bank to leave her alone. Because of your voice and other outside pressures, JPMorgan Chase has announced it has "no plans" to remove Hall and her daughter. However, another elderly victim needs your help on the West Coast.

Warm Regards,
Katrina Krantz from Care2
Praise the Lord, they look like they are going to keep their home, especially over the Christmas Holiday.
Now for the bad news. That was only one skirmish in the Battle on the War against Greed and Corruption
  • Target: True Compass LLC
  • Sponsored by:Bay Area Resident
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Josephine Tolbert, 75, dropped off her great-granddaughter at school and returned to find the locks changed on her Bay Area home, which she bought in 1973. True Compass LLC sold her house to profit real estate speculators and then posted San Francisco police officers at the entrance to prevent Tolbert from returning. 
Tolbert, who fell behind on payments because of an illness, must now abandon her childcare services (and the 2 families dependentTolbert was denied from retrieving her basic belongings,including diapers. "This isn't how seniors should be treated over the holidays," Tolbert stated. Tragically, kicking old people out of their homes has become a national trend on her)
.Protestors are already confronting the officers at the Tolbert residence. Join them in telling these real estate moguls to give Tolbert her house back!

I wonder what the 'Social Conservative' Republican have to say now. After all, they are the ones who claim to be 'Pro-Life', 'Pro-Family Values' and 'Pro-Jobs' by supporting businesses and business growth.  After all, they are the ones who are attempting to rename the rich from millionaires and billionaires to 'the job creators'.
Ooops, I have forgotten when it comes to battling business that becomes the job of us 'Bleeding heart-Anti-business-Tree hugging Liberals. After all, when money talks it is suppose to drown out the needs of the poor at all costs, even if the cost is the quality of the air, water and/or soil. And yet, we Liberals are called 'Anti-Family' because we also 'Pro-Choice'.
Personally, my stand with abortion is--Ideally the demand will become so low that it will not matter whether it is legal or not. After all,  Adoption is better than abortion, but between legal and illegal abortion--legal abortions are better. After all, those who did the illegal abortion literally operated out of pure greed, without a care for anything but maximizing the profits. Unfortunately, many Conservatives are pushing to change the laws instead of the 'hearts of the people', which means if it simply becomes illegal, then illegal abortion factories are almost garrenteed, and all the deaths that will result. But then, that would probably make them very happy, then they can shout the victory that "the wages of sin is indeed death!"