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Friday, December 16, 2011

Letter from RNC to my Late Father and my current address

The Republican National Committee has one clear mission for the coming year: defeat Barack Obama and his socialist leaning Democrat allies and end their trampling upon the U.S. Constitution.

That’s why. . . . You (my late Father, whose condo I have inherited) been a strong supporter of the GOP in the past, but our record show that  you haven’t  renewed your commitment  to our party since December 2009—
However, my Father passed away May of 2010, I wonder how I can convince the Republican National Committee of this fact. After all, I can only wish that he really was still alive. I wonder if this blog will do the job--Well, I find out if they figure this out by whether or not my father membership card comes or not. Hmmm, I wonder is there really a way to forward mail to Heaven??

"Obama, the perpetual candidate who has run a trillion dollar deficits, jets from one high society fund raiser to another.  . . ." ( Never mind, the actual fact is that President Obama flies around in Air Force One, just as previous presidents did, for that is one of the rights and privileges of being the President)

Barack Obama Has, on Average, Attended a Fundraiser Every 5 Days in 2011
—By Andy Kroll
. . . Obama is not on the money trail because he enjoys hotel ballrooms and posing for pictures with 1-percenters. The president's ramped-up fundraising efforts reflect the changing landscape of money in American politics, especially in the wake of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. Clinton and Bush II didn't have to worry about candidate-specific super-PACs and Karl Rove's shadowy Crossroads GPS outfit raising tens of millions of dollars to finance negative ads. And with the collapse of the presidential public financing system, which capped a candidate's spending, it's up to the candidates to rustle up as much private money as they can in the campaign arms race. (Obama opted out of the public financing system during the 2008 election, becoming the first presidential candidate to do so.)

Obama's fundraising has more than paid off. The president has raised nearly $90 million so far—but with a significant 46 percent of it from small donors—for his reelection effort, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The next highest fundraiser in the 2012 presidential field is Republican Mitt Romney, who has raked in $32.2 million.

Obama's pace exceeds his own fundraising in the early stages of his first presidential run, in 2007. Through September 30, 2007, Obama had raised $80 million; this time around, that figure was $88 million through September 30. As the president, he does have the full backing and fundraising muscle of the Democratic National Committee, which is scouring the country for every dollar and every volunteer it can find to power Obama through what's shaping up to be one of the most bruising, cash-drenched campaigns in history.nt of the U.S.A.---One high society fund raiser after another—
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He offers nothing???? According to the New York Times---

WASHINGTON — As the House headed toward a vote on a $1 trillion spending measure that would avert a government shutdown, Speaker John Boehner said Friday that House Republicans would insist on including the Keystone XL oil pipeline in any legislation that extended the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits.

The House passed such a bill this week, but Senate Democrats expect to block it in a vote tentatively set for Saturday as the Congressional logjam slipped into the weekend. In the absence of agreement on a full-year bill, Senate leaders are considering a two-month extension of the payroll tax relief and jobless benefits. The revised bill would go back to the House.
What about the Payroll tax credits or deductions that Obama is for but the Republicans are against. . . .

M** C*****a, the  RNC is the only campaign organization that can stand up to the Obama juggernaut now--and the only committee that can provide direct financial support to our 2012 Republican presidential nominee.

I guess they have forgotten that right after, the very next day,after the election of November 8th, 2011. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce ads were attacking Senator Sherrod Brown for voting with President Obama, thus--indirectly-starting the 2012 campaign season.

According to the Republican National Committee---
They are the leftist mainstream media ,anti-free market "occupiers," Big Labor bosses, eco-alarmist hypocrites, Hollywood utopians, and globalist "progressive" billionaires who all profess to know what's best for you, your family, and our nation.
Eco-alarmist  . . .  The Republican Committee must learn to face the Reallity of Climate Change, instead they –out of Greed and Corruption—deny, deny and deny the Scientific Facts.