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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thousands of Homeless Massecred, Forced to Live in Sewers

By Kara McIvern    

In many countries around the world, Sundays are a day for worship, family and rest. In Bogota, Colombia, Sundays are a day of terror: waiting to see if your makeshift home in the sewer system will be filled with gasoline and set on fire and avoiding the police on the street.
According to a documentary from, at the height of child homelessness in Bogota, Colombia, wealthy business owners began putting together death squads to “cleanse” the city of the people living on the street, deemed “the disposables.” These cleanses have continued ever since, now commissioned and carried out by the police as well.
The squads would exterminate the people living in the parks, on benches or in the streets: pregnant women, children and entire families.
These “social cleanses” forced the homeless people of Colombia to retreat into the sewers. One couple has been living in their “penthouse by the sea” for seventeen years, giving birth to three children.
According to an article from 1990 in the LA Times, no one has an exact count of how many are living in the sewers but it is somewhere in the hundreds, possibly thousands by now.
15 years ago, a rotating group of teenagers was living beneath one manhole. Once it was determined they could not get into the sewer with their guns, the police poured gasoline into the tunnel and lit a match, burning 22 kids alive. This is common practice.
CNN reported last year that after the initial wave of publicity and activism in the 90s, this story faded away and “about six months after all the stories aired, the death squads went in, armed with the whereabouts of the sewer-kid hot spots, and carried out massive reprisal killings.” But with most of the death squads being made up of cops and retired military personnel, the Colombian government did nothing and the issue stagnated as other tragedies gained attention.. . . .

Sign the petition and tell the President of Colombia, the Minister of Defense and the National Police Director that the social cleansing occurring in Colombia is unacceptable and must stop!

On this Christmas Eve, when many of us are celebrating Jesus' Birth in an humble stable, where he would lay in a manger. Let us also remember that He also called us to feed the hungry and to clothe the naked and to take care of the homeless. Absolutely Not To Kill Them Off.
Merry Christmas to one and all.
For the people who are reading this, who are not Christians nor celebrate Christmas, this is not an Evangelizing blog, because I do not have the words to sermonize. My hope and prayer is to take care of this planet while I am here and hopefully and prayerfully leaving it a place where my sons can get married and raise their children and so on.