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Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Post for the morning---If only I could think of what to title this??? ;-)

 When the question comes up What is Wrong with the Republican Party--This is>>>

                      Hagel’s Top Qualifications? His Infantry Service — And Strong Veteran Support Hagel's Top Qualifications? His Infantry Service - And Strong Veteran Support
Confirming an enlisted vet as Defense Secretary can help restore America's armed forces.
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 After all, does not any one of them remember that Hagel is a Republican---To turn on him, just because President Obama is nominating him. It is this Republican divisiveness that is causing them all the problems that they complain about.

                              Big Oil Lobbyist Lies About Corporate Welfare
Big Oil Lobbyist Lies About Corporate Welfare

Is the oil and gas industry really paying its fair share?

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No, This is why I am campaigning to have former Mayor/former Congressman Dennis Kucinich to be the EPA Administrator.

By Mister Leonard Pierce, AlterNet
Ben Shapiro makes his living harrumphing over the sins of liberalism, and his new book doesn't disappoint. READ MORE»

What they really mean, If they were being Truthful, is that they are an Oppressive Minority!! This is why freedom must triumph over their would be tyranny.

Yet, so many of these very same people hang on to their hand guns and rifles as if any of those things are keeping them safe. If only they would/ could wake up and smell the coffee--IF--IF the United States did ever have a rogue Government that turned on it own people, who are the Government each and every time we vote and or speak up, with all the weapons that the U.S. Military has these so called patriots would get the butts kicked in no time flat, since the Military has goggles that see through walls, all they would have to do is to wait until everyone or most of the people in the house are either asleep or preoccupied in doing something other than posting guard, throw in some CS gas/tear gas--problem solved.