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Saturday, January 5, 2013

This Blog Stands for Gun Sanity and those who also love our animal friends

Dear Readers--I am passing on this e-mail with the hope that by doing so we will have enough supporters of Gun Sanity to have a March on Washington, but more that just a mere march--We Can Make A Difference--We Must Make A Difference--Mass Shooting Can Not Nor Should Not Be Permitted To Continue.;

Just wanted to send you a brief update along with my wishes for a very happy 2013, and one in which we, together, influence change that makes our nation a safer place for all of us!

As many of you know, I gave my word that I would deliver this petition to Washington in person if we got 100,000 signatures.  We have far exceeded that, and I am a woman of my word, so I am currently working to gain access to the Hill and deliver the petition to a Senator or Representative who, in turn, will see that all of our names are entered into Congressional Record on the issue.  The actual delivery date is not yet finalized, but I am looking to the weeks immediately following Inauguration.

If every one of you got only 1 more person to sign our petition, we'd near ONE MILLION SIGNATURES.  That would make a much louder noise on the Hill than 429,701, don't you think?  
PLEASE, If you haven't already, forward this petition along to like-minded folks so that we can grow our numbers and be heard.  The link to the petition is here:

Many of you have asked for a March on Washington.  While I am not able to personally organize such a thing, there are a few being planned and I am watching to see which of those appears to have the numbers and necessary infrastructure to support the masses and will forward that information to you once I have it.  In the meantime, there is a march at the State Capitol in Hartford, CT on February 14th for those of you who are interested.

Thank you for standing tall and making your voices heard with me.

Warm Regards,

Speaking of supporting a good cause, a Care2 friend of mine-Leslie has started this petition, which I have signed and hope that anyone and everyone who reads this post also signs--I Thank You and I am certain that Leslie Thank You.>>>  For all the petitions go to

For this petition go to>>>

Demand Justice for Dog who had Ears Mutilated!

Demand Justice for Dog who had Ears Mutilated!
  • signatures: 980---so far, which is why more signatures are needed.

  • signature goal: 1,000--let us make this the first of many goals achieved and surpassed.
  • Target: District Attorney Kelly A. Lehn, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
  • Sponsored by: Mark Landowski
Nong F. Vang, an 18 year old Asian man told Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin humane officers it was his puppy and he could do with it whatever he wanted. This mentally disturbed man cut off his puppy's ears with a razor blade resulting in the dog's death. In Vang's case, District Attorney Kelly A. Lehn quotes that she does not think she could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the actions that led to the charges were committed in Wood County Wisconsin since the man also had a residence in Minnesota.
It makes NO DIFFERENCE where this crime occurred. A crime of Animal Abuse HAS BEEN COMMITTED, and this Nong F. Vang admitted to doing it, and "Justice Needs to be Served" for his heinous actions!! We ask that this case be reopened, and Felony charges be served against this monster who is nothing but a threat to society walking the streets a free man, because District Attorney Kelly A. Lehn dropped the charges. This man can, and will do this crime again because of the fact that they rece... more

Leslie saids that she needs 30 more, but I say let us give her far far more than that.