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Friday, January 4, 2013

T.G.I.F. Let the Conversation of how to end gun violence continue.

By Adam Gabbatt, The Guardian
Organisation in neighboring town to offer gift certificates in exchange for games, movies and music in wake of shooting. READ MORE»

May be it is me, but I really do not see how more violence can be the solution to violence. After all, there is the old adage that "Violence begets violence."  In addition, this simply reminds me of the 'book burnings' of day gone by. Enforced censorship, IMO, is even worse than glorifying gun violence. This is where the old say--The Cure is even worse than the Disease--comes in.

No, I am not King Solomon with the Wisdom to have the answers to how to solve the problem of gun violence, but I believe that banning assault  weapons--a.k.a. weapons that were built and designed for combat--not hunting, is a beginning. Not to forget, anyone using such a weapon in a crime or possessing such a weapon should face--well, since there is limited jail space--instead of jail time--I would impose a nice hefty fine, say at least $1,000 per banned weapon.  In addition, 30 round clips should be banned with a fine attached, also, how much--good question--more like $500 per clip that exceeds 10 rounds.  Finally, there are silencers which no civilian has any reason--legal reason--to own--also banned and also fined, same as a clip that exceeds 10 rounds.

The question is, would those actions solve the problem of gun violence--I do not know. But, these solutions would not add to the already high prison population and would generate much needed State Revenue, since many states are broke--too broke to fund schools or road repair, which are very much needed--far more than guns are, now.  After all, what many people seem to have forgotten, The Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights was written at a time, before grocery stores, back in the day when there were two ways of obtaining meat for the table--the family farm animals or hunting.

Let us remember also, at the time that the Second Amendment was written, the United States of America did not have a Standing Army. Armed Civilians were needed to defend America and America's interest. Needless to say--Times, they have changed. We, not only now have a Standing Army--We have an Out-Standing Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corp and Coast Guard.

These are some of the reasons why the gun laws must change--Second Amendment, withstanding.