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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Part II--The Environment--Save the Environment From Fracking!!!

Dear Readers, I would also like to add this e-mail to today's post--who knows if there are enough Ohioans signing, maybe--just maybe even Gov. Kasich will notice and decide to join the Right Side of History--A.K.A.--The Environmental Side.
As the natural gas boom continues, the industry is now looking for additional ways to profit from shale gas, even if it means more fracking. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is the form of natural gas the industry hopes to export regardless of how much damage it does.

Right now, DOE is conducting a study to decide if we should start exporting fracked LNG. Unfortunately, they are only evaluating the business-side economics of exports, not the environmental and public health effects of fracking. It is critical that this study examine the entire picture, from the effects of a fracking well in Pennsylvania or Colorado to the construction of pipeline to carry LNG to a coastal export facility in Louisiana or Washington State.
Please tell President Obama that this study does not look at the full picture, and that the public health and environmental costs of LNG must be part of the decision. I did!

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        Thank you for all you do,

        Deb Nardone
        Director, Beyond Natural Gas Campaign
        Sierra Club