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Friday, December 7, 2012

Part III--Hold the GOP--Greedy Opponents of Progress Accountable in Ohio.

Dear Readers, I am passing this e-mail on because it is far too important not to. NOTICE THE MARGIN OF DIFFERENCE IS 14 AND THE NUMBER OF PROVISIONAL BALLOTS IS 114!!!!
This week in Tuscarawas County, a recount in a Statehouse race is taking place that will determine whether Governor Kasich and Republicans get a supermajority in the Ohio Legislature. Think about all the damage Republicans could do here in Ohio with that sort of power.
As of today, we're 15 votes down - and Secretary Husted has helped toss more than 100 provisional ballots that could make the difference in this race. We're also paying close attention to another recount that's ongoing in Cuyahoga County.
A day or two ago, Rachel Maddow explained everything about these recounts. Please take a moment to watch, then help us hold Husted accountable, and stop Governor Kasich in his tracks: