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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday's post--Yes, I am a Moderate--which means that I agree and disagree with everyone, even myself ;-)))

Senator McCain's Attacks On Susan Rice Smack Of Sour Grapes
His bitter motivation is obvious, but why are other Republicans following the Arizonan down the low road?
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To Tell the Truth, I do not know what to think about Dr. Susan Rice, anymore. What I do know is that I have Doubts about appointing Sen. Kerry to the State Department, since his chairmanship is so Economic In Nature. This is why I would much rather see him as Sec of Treasury.

Personally, I favor going to Sec Clinton and see whom she recommends for her replacement, even if this leads us back to Dr. Rice.

Les Leopold, AlterNet
Big Finance is once again getting a free pass. READ MORE»

Personally, My biggest concern is trying to do both things--get out of recession and out of debt--and doing neither, in other words--create Stag-nation instead. I would much rather see the United States first and foremost get out of Recession and then worry about the debt. After all, as my son tells me--it is much better for his generation to inherit some debt that inherit a recession.

In the tradition of Kitchen table economics, what is the point of leaving a broken down dump that is at least paid for, if the first thing that has to be done is to bring it up to code (a.k.a. leaving behind a broken infrastructure)  by the way we also sold the copper pipes to pay the mortgage a few times (a.k.a. 'Fracking') which means you don't have water.

By Mitchell Anderson, The Tyee
There are ways to weed them out. READ MORE»

This brings up many good questions, such as is it really a plot or are there simply too many owners and managers too selfish to think about a greater good than simply their 'BONUSES'.
Where I work, there are many repairs that should be done, but are not. There is one manager who is too busy worrying how he is going to afford a new car, which he claims he needs, whether he does or does not is not for me to say, so if he says so I see no reason to say that it is not so. Christmas is coming soon, so I can very well understand that Christmas Shopping would come first. So to say that this is deliberate neglect is not for me to say. After all, it is not my job to judge either the living or the dead nor do I have the power to search someone else's heart and mind--I can see their actions, but not the why behind their actions.  
What I do know anything-a business, an infrastructure and even an house--can repairs can only be neglected for so long and the longer the repairs are put off the greater the damage that neglect will cause--thus causing an even greater repair bill--that is why their is the old saying--"A Stitch in time Saves 9" but then again, if person cannot afford thread.