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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why The NRA IS Part of The Problem--NOT THE SOLUTION!!!!

By Adele M. Stan, AlterNet

In his first appearance since the Sandy Hook shootings, NRA leader Wayne LaPierre rolled out a program to help schools arm "good guys," blaming gun-free school zones, video games and Obama for the tragedy. READ MORE»

The Question is By What Stretch of the Over-Active Imagination--Guns In School Would Solve Any Thing??? By What Stretch of the Over-Active Imagination If the NRA should succeed in bringing guns to Elementary Schools--Do they not know that the Guns would have to be kept under lock and key and kept safely away from the children's reach--lest one of the children get hold of it and starts shooting.  Does Not This Wayne LaPierre Understand That His Solution Is Even Worst Than The Problem--Should A Child Get Hold Of The Teacher's Hand Gun--Even More Children Will End Up Getting Killed--BUT THEN AGAIN--IT IS ALL ABOUT THE NRA GETTING AND KEEPING POWER AT ALL COSTS--AT ANY AND EVERY COST---AS LONG AS THE NRA CAN BENEFIT THAT IS THE ONE AND ONLY THING THAT COUNTS--WHAT CAN BE USED FOR THE GOOD OF THE NRA???

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE--TOO MANY GUNS ARE THE PROBLEM--NOT THE SOLUTION!!!!! Even more dangerous than when a shoot breaks in--IS An Armed teacher-If there are weapons that are brought to school schools, the supports of this insanity are counting on the fact that the teacher will be at the desk when the shooter breaks in--They are foolishly forgetting how many times the teacher is away from the desk. In addition to be foolishly forgetting how many sick days teachers get. What happens with a substitute teacher??? Along with forgetting human nature--that unless the person is trained and mentally prepared for a shooter to break in--their first reaction will be to go into a state of shock, which is why the shooters have the initial advantage, since they are the only ones who know that today is the day.

This--This Is America's Biggest Problem--We Have Too Many 'Monday Morning Quarterbacks' who are deluded enough to believe that if they were there with their favorite weapon that they would have been the hero to have saved the day--like 'Red Dawn' movie. We have too many people who walk around with guns with the attitude that they know what they are doing, because they know how to aim and shoot as if that is all that anyone needs to know about defending an area.

I remember there was a manager that was temporarily assigned to our restaurant who claimed to know about guns--who also taught her children how to shoot, who walked around with the attitude that she could defend us from any shooter, all she needed to do was to bring her gun to work--AS IF--AS IF--as if it really went down, she would not be in shock. As If when it goes down she would not be at her many work stations, but at her desk--But Hold it--The Shooter would give her time to get out of shock go to her office and take off her work gloves and unlock her desk drawer and get her gun from her desk and come back and aim and fire and save the day-After all, Shooters are known for their patience and understating--NOT!!!!!!!!! 

P.S.--After all>>>>

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