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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday's Mix of Things--For a lack of a better title.

By Danny Kennedy, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
In his new book "Rooftop Revolution" Danny Kennedy writes about the solar boom that is already underway and how individuals can get involved. READ MORE»

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I have just added another book to my reading list--This Book Indeed Is A Must Read Book that I am looking forward to reading. After all, one way or another it is my 2013 goal to have some kind of Green Energy--more than just having energy saving light bulbs.

By Glenn Scherer, Daily Climate
The world's most authoritative voice on climate science has consistently understated the rate and intensity of climate change and the danger those impacts represent, say a growing number of studies. READ MORE»
 After all, it looks like it is becoming the job of We The People to pick up the slack of saving the Environment one house--one family at a time. God Forbid We hold the Fossil Fuel Industry accountable for all the pollution that Fossil Fuels generate or all the excess carbons that are released in the atmosphere.

By ThinkProgress Staff, ThinkProgress
The bills we could have passed if it wasn't for GOP obstructionism -- from a minimum wage increase to the Buffett Rule. READ MORE»

5. U.N. treaty to protect the equal rights of the disabled.
Republicans blocked ratification of the United Nations treaty to protect the rights of disabled people around the world, falsely claiming it would undermine parents of disabled children. In fact, the treaty would require other nations to revise their laws to resemble the Americans With Disabilities Act and had overwhelming support from veterans and disabilities groups. It failed by 5 votes.

Number 5, IMO is the most dispicable one--Each and Every Person who voted against this Bill regardless of party or anything else NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS DEED.