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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday's Wake Up Call!!!! To Save Christianity From the Far Right.

Dear Readers, I am passing on this e-mail, because it is too important not to--Something must be done before the Religious Right Destroys Christianity from the inside: I do not know what they are thinking, but it looks like they are trying to re-start the Inquisition that was so infamous in Spain, way back when.  This can not be permitted. The United States of America is a Secular Nation--Christianity is based on Love and Compassion--I remember once the hymn was--COME AS YOU ARE TO WORSHIP', because it was the Holy Spirit's Job to pick up the person and clean them up--NOW IT SEEMS THAT THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT NOW HAVE THAT JOB AS IF THERE IS NO HOLY SPIRIT, ANYMORE.
As America mourns the tragic and horrific loss of 20 children and six adults to an act of senseless violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, key figures on the Radical Right have wasted no time in offering the vilest, most offensive rationales as to "why this happened."
Mike Huckabee and the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer both blamed the school shooting on public schools adhering to the separation of church and state -- saying God let the massacre happen because we’ve moved away from things like compulsory prayer.1 (This is, incidentally, pretty much the same reason Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said the shooting occurred.)2
Echoing Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson in the wake of 9/11 (who also, in part, blamed that tragedy on People For the American Way), Focus on the Family’s James Dobson said God has "allowed judgment to fall upon us" because the nation has turned its back on him by accepting things like abortion and gay marriage.3
And Tea Party Nation blamed teachers for the school shooting in Newtown, calling them “radicals in the classrooms,” accusing them of being part of a liberal plot to “destroy the family” and create a society that “coddled” the shooter.4 This is particularly outrageous considering the inspiring heroics of Sandy Hook Elementary’s teachers, some of whom gave their lives to protect their students.
We need to speak out against extremists who are offending the memories of the deceased, as well as their families, to further their own sick agenda.
Thank you,
Ben Betz, Online Strategy Manager---People For The American Way.

Leave it to the Republican Party, which has been 'Hi-Jacked' by the Religious Right to be on the Wrong Side of History, Yet Again.

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE--ARMING TEACHERS IS AN NEW HEIGHT IN REPUBLICAN STUPIDITY--GET REAL!!! After all, Should a Teacher be STUPID Enough To bring a Loaded Weapon to an Elementary School, they would have store it in a Locked Desk Drawer, so that the students do not kill each other with it. In addition, Should a Shooter enter their classroom, they are counting on being in their classroom on that day, not a sick day---in that case they would need to give the substitute teacher the key to the drawer and hope and pray that the sub knows how to use an hand gun. Not only that, but the armed teacher would also need to be at their desk when the shooter enters or that the shooter gives the teacher time to get out of shock and goes to the desk and unlock the drawer where the hand gun is in and can take aim and fire--AS IF THE SHOOTER IS ACTUALLY GOING TO JUST STAND THERE AND WATCH THE TEACHER/ SUBSTITUTE TEACHER SAVE THE DAY---GET REAL!!!!!
The Republican Solution To Gun Violence: Arming Teachers

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