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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Ohio Republican Party Is At It--Yet Again!

Dear Readers, I am passing on this snail mail letter that came to my mail box, because the Ohio Republican Party is too stupid to understand that the Republican of the Family passed away almost 3 years ago, now.

"I am someone who takes threats seriously..."

..."So when hundreds of people showed up at Democrat victory parties all across Ohio on November 6th with signs reading--'KASICH...You're Next'...."

"I knew right then we can't lose a minute in preparing for another bruising political battle in Ohio."

"The immediate and vast display of anti-Kasich signs snt a strong, clear message that our opponents--desperate to return to power in Columbus--are not going to rest a minate."

Well, Bob Bennett of the Ohio Republican Party--"...has great faith that, just he (John Kasich) did in 2012, he'll convince Ohioans that he is the man to lead our stat in these challenging times...."

REALITY CHECK--REALITY CHECK--There was not that many Victory Parties for President Obama or For Sen Sherrod Brown--After all, I was invited to a watch party, which I was told I could attend after work, but by the time I got there--Everyone had already went home.

And then, there is this-->

Already people are starting to read the tea leaves about 2014 and who will be running for governor of Ohio.
The only sure thing is that our current governor is a failure. During the campaign, he said he wouldn't run for a second term, and I believe that's true. I honestly don't see increased popularity on the horizon for him and he can make 10 or 15 or 20 times as much going back to Fox "News" and making speeches for big dollars to adoring right-wing groups. He'll try to give away as much taxpayer property as he can to his cronies as quickly as he can and head out the door to greener pastures. I don't see him trying for another term.
That leaves secretary of state Jon Husted, whose tongue is practically hanging out of his mouth salivating over this. (Anyone remember him blasting Maryellen O'Shaughnessy for her alleged ambition for higher office?) He seems to already be angling to put as much space between himself and the toxic Kasich as he can, anticipating like the rest of us, that Kasich won't change his spots and won't get any more popular.
Then, there is the Fact that This is the First Campaign Literature that I have received concerning the Governor's Race of 2014--After all, the Democratic Party is too busy doing the jobs that they have been re-elected to--to start campaigning, yet.

As Far As Bob Bennett's preparations--What he should have said--instead of this Republican propaganda--is that he is preparing to make this election as dirty and as nasty as the previous election--after all, this letter proves that he is starting his 'war chest' early enough to do more than enough mud slinging.

One good thing came out of Gov. Kasich first and hopefully only term as Gov. of Ohio--He successfully united Us Independents with the Democrats against a common enemy;himself--for all the damage that he has done to our environment and for the damage he tried to do to our economy and for the credit that he tried to claim for saving the economy of Ohio, which would have been a disaster IF HIS STATE ISSUE #2 WOULD HAVE PASSED. WE THE PEOPLE OF OHIO FOUGHT TO SAVE THE ECONOMY FROM HIM--BUT YET--THAT FACT DOES NOT PREVENT HIM FROM TRYING TO STEAL THE CREDIT.