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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reality Check Time--Why Gun Sanity Is Needed, Indeed.


After all, Get Real!!! The Second Admendment to our Bill of Rights was written at a time when there was many conflicts with the Native Americans and when hunting was a necessity. Not to forget the fact that the weapon of the day were muskets and flintlock pistols that were loaded one round--literally one round musket ball at a time. 
As far as the myth that indiviuals need to be armed to keep our Government honest--that is nothing more than a 'Mucho Macho Myth'--After all, IF -IF Our Government does ever turn against the people--Our Military is a World Power with Biological/Chemical/Nuclear Weapons--So say our Government did turn on us--What are these Gun nuts going to do against Scud missiles--Stand in front of their houses with a M-16 attempting to shoot it down--AS IF--AS IF. 

Our country is in shock at the tragedy in Connectictut. It's time we told the NRA ENOUGH! We won't stand for their opposition to sensible gun laws anymore. Sign the petition and send it to everyone:
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