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Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Rant--Part II

I did--I did it, after 3, 4 or was it 5 times trying, I did it. This is a picture of me. Why; because tomorrow I go back to the hair salon, named the Fringe over here in Stow, Ohio to get my hair dyed again, from grey and darker brown to the golden color.
Tomorrow, I work--then again--big deal, most adults and even a few teenagers do that. Well, for me it is. After all, it is not to often that I have to remember to keep my work day short to get to the hair salon in time and then, get ready for an interview, which I am hoping and praying to do well at. Hense the return  to the Fringe Hair Salon. I am hoping that with my hair color revived--I will have a rebirth of self-confidence. I am hoping that the old saying of fake it till you make it works out to be true.
After all, this part-time dead-end job has got to go.Right now, I am paying myself more than my boss is paying me, which is not fair to my sons, whom I should be leaving an inheritance to, like the way my Father left one for me and my sister. I should leave them more than just bills.
I am not afraid of hard work, in a matter of fact that is why I am looking to enter a company on the ground floor, because I will work may way up the latter. Hard work is no problem at all. The problem becomes what is happening at Landerwood Plaza. I work my butt off and what do I get when I ask for references--they look at me like I am growing a second or third head.
Every Tuesday and Thursday, I clean up after Waste Management, because since they have taken over the dumpster, they do I the worst job that I have ever seen. Between leaving a whole lot of garbage behind, they barely put the dumpsters back together. I swear one of these days, the Cuyahoga County Health Department has got to see what they do and how they do it. I mean leaving the dumpster with the most food waste open and where raccoons have moved in, can not be healthy. After all, what bugs me the most about it--it feels like the harder I work the more invisible I become. And worse, some how it is all too coincidental that Waste Management is doing it, since my boss is in tight with the management of Waste Management. OH, when I can finally leave and it becomes someone else's job to clean up. . . . .

Even, more important, If I get a job--a real job with real hourly pay and overtime. I might even catch up with various health and life insurance, which will be a start of what I leave behind for sons.  Even more than that, I could start giving more, again. Work can become such a joy, when you know you are working for a good cause other than just yourself/own family. After all, both my sons and I are such a small part of a much-much-much larger world. To become an active participant again, WHAT A BLESSING!!!!
In addition that then and only then, will I be able to go over to the Summit Shelter and bring home a cat. I do miss having a cat around. There is something about that CAT-atude, that makes a house a home, that is after the children have grow up and out.
But First, I have a younger son who needs help getting his e-check and liecience (car) plates and his car windshield repaired or rather replaced