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Monday, October 31, 2011

Room for Another Bust at 70-Year-Old Mt. Rushmore?

Given their way, some conservatives would jump at any chance to round out South Dakota’s iconic Mt. Rushmore with their hero 40th president, Ronald Reagan.
“Reagan was the most successful president of the 20th century,” Reagan Legacy Project Chairman Grover Norquist told Devin Dwyer of ABC News earlier this year. “He took a country that was in economic collapse and military in retreat round the globe and turned it completely around.

Congress rejected the notion 12 years ago but the monument’s 70th birthday today is a reminder that the monument of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt is incomplete with or without another face: The sculptor died before finishing Washington’s waist and coat, and Lincoln’s hands, according to the  Rapid City, S.D. tourism website  Stefano Salvetti,  
Absolutely, NOT--Not Reagan--Not F.D.R.--Not Obama--Not J.F.K--Not Eisenhower-- NO, New face should be added at all!!! In My Opinion,no one should be added to this Historical Monument, regardless of race, creed, religion or Political Party. These four faces have been together like this for so long. Now it has become far too late to change now.
If any thing, start carving up an other mountion or mountain side for the more recent presidents who are found to be worthy.