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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Keep Going to What for What????

 Keep Going
Keeping up with the competition means keeping up with your network.
So take a step towards building a more powerful network right now. Invite a connection to join your network. Endorse a colleague. Or get the badge that you've always wanted. Go for it!
Earn the Star Badge 
You're sooooo close to scoring this badge.


You've earned your first written endorsement.

The 2,000 dollar question is, if I earn this  'Star Award' or not, will having this award get me a job or not? Will having the 'Star Award' make me more hirable or not? Will it proof how hard I work on the job? Does it show how dedicated I am at getting the job done and done well? Does it show that I am hoping and praying to be able to give more that I receive? Does it show that even though I have no intention to 'bully' anyone, I don't want to be 'bullied' nor to see anyone else 'bullied'.  Does it show how angry I get when 'saints' somehow justify do evil in the name of Jesus as If He would justify evil (lying, cheating , stealing, hate, corruption and greed).