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Friday, October 7, 2011

Vote No on Issue 2 and Vote For Ohio Jobs

Senate Bill 5 is now Issue 2. You may have already heard some of the misleading information being spread about Senate Bill 5/Issue 2 and are understandably confused as to what it is and how you should vote on the referendum.

In March, Columbus politicians rammed Senate Bill 5 through the legislature. The flawed and overreaching piece of legislation that takes away our collective bargaining rights immediately generated widespread outrage all across Ohio and a push to repeal it began. The repeal effort reached a milestone in June when We Are Ohio delivered more than 1.3 million voters’ signatures to the Secretary of State’s office, officially placing Senate Bill 5 on the ballot as Issue 2.

Since that time, there have been many myths spread about Issue 2, but the basic ideas and motivations behind it are strikingly clear. Issue 2 is an extremist, right-wing power grab and an unfair, unsafe law that hurts us all and attempts to balance the budget on the backs of hardworking Ohioans. Senate Bill 5 does not create a single job. Combined with the state budget, it will lead to 51,000 fewer jobs in Ohio.

Columbus politicians received over $3.6 million in campaign contributions from companies that stand to directly benefit from Issue 2. These big corporations, their high-paid lobbyists, and the extremist politicians they fund are blaming middle class Ohioans for a budget problem they themselves created. And they’re doing so while putting all of our families’ safety at risk.

Now, our opponents are spending millions of dollars to spread lies and distortions. They’ve used false statistical comparisons, cast a “teacher” who is also a county GOP chairman in their TV ads, and employed numerous other tactics to push their agenda.

We need you to know and understand the truth about Issue 2 and to share this information with your friends and family. We’ll never outspend the likes of the Koch brothers and Karl Rove in this campaign, but together we can outwork and out-volunteer them in order to defend hardworking Ohioans from their attacks.

Which is why this blogger is siding for the Good of Ohio Jobs, against Issue 2.