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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today was the day--here is the result.

I did it, I did it after another dozen attempts I did it. What can I say; I forgot what I did last time that worked.  I am still learning about computers and computering. This is me with my new hair color thanks to Mary Jones of the Fringe Salon, but don't blame her--yes, I do have weight to lose, like all too many Americans, I weigh about 30 lbs more than I should, Which Is Indeed, My Fault. I am the one who likes CHOCOLATE--each and every kind. It is indeed my Responsibility to lose weight, which at age 50, easier said than done.

By the way, my interview went well at Express Employment Professionals, which if I say any more I will end up 'jinxing' myself, so I won't.
But then again, this is my chance to be political, without fear of offending anyone. The one disadvantage of working with a group, we all have to work together regardless of race, creed, color, religion and political party, which for me, in the past has been easy, since as an Independent--I listen more than talk, but now the Republicans have gone sooooo conservative that even this moderate sounds liberal, Thanks to the Tea Party.  After all, I have experience being stuck in the middle, as the Independent Moderate of the family, whose late-father, God Rest his soul, was a very Conservative Republican and who older son is a very Liberal Democrat. Thank God, younger son is very apolitical, or who knows what kind of refereeing I would have had to do. This is how I learn to walk the tight rope when it comes to politics, when necessary.