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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What to blog--what to blog

Today was one of those inbetween days, between the long physically exhausting Monday, what can I say--this time of the year--Monday's are the Worst. Then, again, there is tomarrow, a very important if not the most important Wednesday. Two open hirings and hand in a job application. Each place I have to be at the top of my game, no matter how tired I may be from work. After all, being tired is no excuse, especially now a days. After all, How do I get my hopes up for getting a job--a real job, with growth potential, not just a dead-end part-time job, where I pay myself to work for the boss who can not nor will not answer any questions about the company, because somehow she seems to act as if she is the only one who needs to know any thing. Take for example, the blank company fax number which I left blank because either there is none or I do not 'have the need to know it'.
Oh to work for a secular company who do not need to keep secrets or run covert operations 'in order to keep 'witches' and 'warlocks' from do who knows what against 'The Heavens'.