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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Here Is To Accentuating the Possitive and hoping to eliminate the negative!!!!!!

Marie Osmond-PRN-044619.jpgThree Cheers For Marie Osmond----Hip Hip Hurray! HIP HIP HURRAY! HIP HIP HURRAY!!

Why you may ask, because Marie Osmond is not joining her "Hate Mongering' brothers>>>

By Mary Elizabeth Williams,

The singing Mormon brood (minus gay-marriage advocate Marie Osmond) returns with a rally to "protect" marriage. READ MORE»

I wish I could say that Marie was always my favorite Osmond, but when I was young I had a huge crush on Jay Osmond and my sister's crush was on Donny and Jimmy Osmonds.

Then again, this does make sense. After all, Mormonism is a religion based on the misconception that people go to heaven on the family plan that the larger the family is the larger their heavenly mansion will be. I for one hope that they are wrong. After all, my two son are so different that they spending eternity together with their families (should they both get married and start raising family--I am so looking forward to becoming 'Grams') sounds more like hell than heaven.

I am also passing on this e-mail, because to tell the truth I can not think of whom I would nominate for this honor. I know I am not worthy by any stretch of the over-active imagination, but who is?

Who deserves the Citizens Medal?
Each year President Obama honors a handful of extraordinary Americans with the Citizens Medal, one of our nation's highest civilian honors. The Citizens Medal recognizes Americans for exemplary deeds of service outside of their regular jobs -- people who feed the needy, who take care of our veterans, or who support our children.
Is there someone in your life who deserves to be recognized by President Obama?
There are 9 days left before we close nominations on the 2013 Citizens Medal. Complete this easy nomination process before the public submission period closes:
Submit a nomination
Last year, people like you nominated over six thousand Americans from across the country and staff at the White House reviewed every single submission. Here are just a few examples:
  • Mary Jo Copeland has offered a safety net for Minneapolis families since 1985 -- offering food, clothing, shelter, and medical assistance to the needy.
  • Adam Burke, an Iraq combat veteran, runs "Veterans Farm," a 19-acre, handicap-accessible farm that helps returning veterans.
  • Janice Jackson founded a Baltimore nonprofit to serve women with varying degrees of disabilities.
Citizenship is fundamental to who we are as Americans. That's why, at the last award ceremony, President Obama stressed the role it plays:
"We're home to 315 million people who come from every background, who worship every faith, who hold every single point of view," he said. "But what binds us together, what unites us is a single sacred word: citizen."
There are thousands of people across the country making a difference, but we need your help to find them. Nominate a hero in your community today:
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Post Scribe--There is also>>>


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