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Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday's Blog--Thus far, and in Support of

Robert Parry, Consortium News
New evidence continues to accumulate showing how Official Washington got key elements of two major presidential scandals of the Nixon and Reagan administrations wrong. READ MORE»

Is it any wonder Why some would want to 'Demonize' the Hippie Movement that Was the 60's and Early 70's.

The Environment is Indeed our Responsibility.

Greedy Lying Bastards: New Film Exposes Climate Denial Machine


Greedy Lying Bastards chronicles the dirty money trail from tobacco companies paying for fake experts to attack the science linking cigarettes and cancer, through to the modern day equivalent of oil companies paying fake...Read More!!!
 In Support of >>>>

Too Darn Hot!
Protect Sea Turtles Loggerhead sea turtles need our help to avoid extinction. Already considered an endangered species, the reproductive success of this population could continue to decline if we don't do something now.

Climate change is causing summer temperatures to rise and, because of this, fewer loggerhead eggs to produce males of the species. Each mating season, the sex ratio gets worse and if this trend continues, soon the only loggerhead sea turtles remaining will be female.

If we employ known solutions to climate change, such as use alternative fuels and wind energy, we can start to reverse this female-dominant birthing trend. Sign the petition today to help protect sea turtles and other endangered species in the Atlantic by developing offshore wind energy!
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