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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moving On Into The Future

Gas Industry Loses Fight to Keep Fracking Pollution Case Secret 


This is a victory for everyone who believes that we need more information about the environmental and health consequences of fracking...Read More!
After all, the only way to make the Best Decision is With All The Information.

Huge Victory for Offshore Wind in Maryland

Sierra Club   

offshorewindThis is a huge victory that is nationally significant for two reasons. First, it could well be the tipping point that allows us to finally tap the massive offshore wind potential off the East Coast. Second...

But, sadly, not all people realize that Alternative Energy--Reusable Green Energy is the way of the future. Sadly, we have many 'dinosaurs' who hold onto the old energy--Fossil Fuels, as if we can grow some more--As if, 'fracking' does not threaten our drinking water.

Case in point>>>>
What David Brooks Got Wrong About Energy Innovation
Last week, David Brooks used his column in the NY Times to lift the covers on the world of energy. He divides the people working in the energy field into “the anonymous drudges”...Read More!

Is it any wonder that Mr. David Brooks would also>>>

By Richard (RJ) Eskow, Campaign for America's Future
Alas, Brooks' uninformed pronouncements have a music that moves Washington insiders. READ MORE»