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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Fight For Equality indeed is the Good Fight that needs to be won.

Valerie Tarico, AlterNet

Groups that demand obedience and conformity produce fear, not love and growth. READ MORE»
It has been my experience, that it is not Religion that is dangerous, since every religion on Earth claims many lofty goal. The problem becomes the many Extremists in those Religions who insist that they know the Will of their Deity/God/whatever and they are here to teach others The Way, Since they are so all knowing and all wise that the one and only way to heaven is to agree with these Human Extremist.
What is worst, when people do not follow voluntarily, then they coarsest, 'bullied', most especially in a group environment. This is how Churches can indeed become The Very Embodiment of Evil. I am not all knowing and all wise, but I am smart enough to know that no one else is either. This is why I believe so much in agreeing to disagree, since we all must follow our own beliefs and be able to look ourselves in the mirror with at least an ounce of self-respect.

By Jason Farago, The Guardian

This week the Supreme Court gears up to hear two cases that will decide the fate of same-sex marriage. READ MORE»

I remember I came to accept Equal Marriage, because my sons reminded me of what I taught them about Fairness and Tolerance. I am so glad that my job as a Mother was to Teach them How To Think and NOT What to think. Since they knew how to think, they were and are very capable of teaching Mom.
I remember my younger son also taught me by example. I remember when he was in high school he had and has many friends. Two friends that I remember were two young ladies who liked the card games of Magic and Yu-gi-oh (I may have misspelled) and a few other games, he has and continues to play so many, it is hard to keep up, especially now that he is 22 years old and has become his own man--but back to his high school years and two of his friends which happen to have been a pair of young ladies, who were dating each other, not him; which was cool with him. He was just there as a friend and defender of their privacy, which he respected. This is where I was most proud of him and where I learned the most and gave me hope that the future was in safe hands, indeed.

This is also why I would hope that many would join me in supporting Equal Marriage, for those who have yet to sign this petition, I hope you do so now, but as always, God Gave you Free Will to Sign or Not to sign. I can ask,plead and beg, but each person also has the free will not to and to tell me what I can do with this petition and every other petition. This truth I have always known and I hope I have always respected. This is why I have always presented a case for the petition, before the petition, since no one should be expected to sign any thing without first knowing the why.

The Petition for your consideration, If you have not already signed>>>>
Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will finally hear arguments on the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). If you think it’s wrong to deny basic rights to LGBT Americans, now’s the time to say it.

Help us get to 100,000 strong calling on the Supreme Court to overturn DOMA: Sign your name to support marriage equality

Under DOMA, same-sex couples are denied over 1,000 protections and responsibilities automatically guaranteed to married heterosexual couples. It’s just wrong. Every family deserves the benefits of equal protection under the law, and all Americans deserve the right to marry the person they love.

This movement for equality is growing larger every day. If we keep the pressure on, marriage equality could be a reality by this summer.

          Let’s make this happen.


         Thank you,

         Democrats 2014

And I Thank You, very much, indeed.  :-)