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Sunday, March 3, 2013

It Is Sunday--Time to take care of God's Creation/ The Envionment/ the Planet We Call--Home.

Personally, I am a firm believer that it was the Last fire of the Cuyahoga River--Yes, River--in 1969 that was America's Wake up Call in 1970. That also inspired then Republican President Richard M. Nixon to establish the EPA>>>>
  1. Cuyahoga River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The 1969 Cuyahoga River fire helped spur an avalanche of water pollution control activities, resulting in the Clean Water Act, Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, ...
  2. Cuyahoga River Fire - Ohio History Central - A product of the ...

    On June 22, 1969, an oil slick and debris in the Cuyahoga River caught fire in Cleveland, Ohio, drawing national attention to environmental problems in Ohio and ...

    And now we are facing an even greater danger--greater because it is far more gradual>>>

    Scott Thill, AlterNet

    You won't be able to go back to business-as-usual after seeing this hell-raising documentary. READ MORE»

    Which means there are Good People who are fighting the Good Fight Who have Petitions--In Support of Them and The Environment>>>>>>


    Grigori -
    Texan oil company Anadarko intends to conduct high risk deep sea oil drilling in New Zealand waters and could begin prospecting this year. - Take action today to protect New Zealand from deep sea oil drilling....READ MORE!!!!


    Protect Montana's Big Blackfoot River! Please SIGN!!

    Sara -
    Motorized vehicles and logging roads are threatening the wildlife habitat and causing stream pollution for Montana's Big Blackfoot River. Please sign to tell the Forest Service to protect this river before it's too late! READ MORE AND SIGN.

    Shut Down Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant and Stop a Looming Disaster ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

    Cher -
    Vermont Yankee is a boiling water reactor nuclear power plant located on the Connecticut River at the southeastern tip of Vermont. Founded in 1972, it has been operating non-stop since, providing power to much of Vermont and parts of Massachusetts....READ MORE AND SIGN.

    YES, I Know Nuclear Accidents are few and far between, BUT--BUT WHEN THEY DO Happen they take years and years, decade after decade and even centuries to clean up.

    Last, but not least, This act of Intolerance fueled by Greed can not nor should not be permitted>>>

    Denounce Construction of Baram River Dam in Malaysia ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

    Cher -
    On the Island of Borneo, in Malaysia's Sarawak State, a plan to dam the Baram River to generate hydroelectric power is underway. This dam, much like the ones built before it, will devastate the local ecology and force the displacement of 20,000 natives... READ MORE AND SIGN.

    After all, how would you like to be part of a forced migration--I know I would not, so why should we stand by and watch it happen to someone else??????
    Post Scribe--This Trail of Tears has not yet happened which means we can prevent it from happening--Let Us Do So In Memory of All Those Who Died Along>>>

    Trail of Tears - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Trail of Tears is a name given to the forced relocation and movement of Native American nations from southeastern parts of the United States following the ...