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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Together We Can and Must Make A Difference--All this Gun Violence Can not Continue!!!!

Dear Reader, I am passing on this e-mail, after donating $25 to this most worthy cause and I hope and pray that ever American who reads this does at least the same, if not more;
"Petitions seeking reduction in gun violence taken to NRA headquarters, but NRA won’t accept them"
-Washington Post, March 14, 2013 [1],
It's true! One week ago the NRA actually called the cops on moms, dads, and kids peacefully attempting to deliver our petition of 150,000 signatures, calling on their leadership to stop blocking common-sense gun safety policy like background checks, from people like you!

What the NRA doesn't know, is that when it comes to the safety of our families, we won't back down.  We won't stop until Congress takes action to reduce gun violence.  The NRA, with it's powerful paid lobbyists, is part of the equation.  Their leadership needs to get out of the way of common-sense gun policy reform, like universal background checks for all gun purchases which 74%of the NRA membership supports and 90% of the general public supports.  It's time for real policy changes to reduce the gun violence in our communities that kills more than 30 people each and every day. [2]

Help us double down on our campaign for common-sense solutions to reduce gun violence!  Chip in $5 today:

With your support, here are some highlights of what our anti-gun violence campaign has accomplished so far:

    - Moms, kids, and a children's choir delivered thousands of unique valentines to Congress, and over 100,000 signatures from moms across the country, calling on our leaders to 'have a heart' and support common sense gun control legislation. [3]

    - Just last week we attempted to deliver a petition of 150,000 signatures to the NRA calling for their leadership to stop blocking common sense gun control.  Moms and dads were turned away, but our message (and the fact that the NRA wouldn't meet with moms) was covered by major news outlets like the Washington Post, CBS, and many more. [4]

We can't stop now!

It's time to unleash a virtual storm on Congress and NRA leaders, until we get their support for common sense solutions to reduce gun violence. We will come at them from every side: On the ground in DC, through media outlets, in local district offices of elected leaders, Twitter parties, and a crescendo of email and phone calls.

And yes, we are going to try to politely deliver our petition to NRA leaders again. Stay tuned for details.

Let's show NRA leaders that we aren't going away.  Chip into our campaign for common sense gun policy today!

Feel free to pass this link along to friends and family. It is going to take a lot of people power if we are going to face down NRA leaders, the gun lobby, and get Congress to move forward.

Together we are a powerful voice for families,
 --Kristin, Gloria, Sarah F., Monifa, Ruth, Dream, Ashley, Claire, Charlie, Donna, Joan, Mary, Elisa, Julie, Monifa, Anita, Sarah H., Jane, Anayah, and the entire team

[1] Washington Post, March 14th 2013
[2] US News, January 2013,

[3] WAMU 88.5, Feb 14th 2013

[4] Washington Post, March 14th 2013  AND CBS, March 14th 2013