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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I know we can not save the Environment without Re-building the Economy as well.

Rep. Slaughter Introduces Bill To Allow Servicewomen To Obtain Abortions at Military Hospitals
Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) introduced legislation (HR 1389) Thursday that would expand access to women's reproductive care at military facilities, the Washington Post's "She The People" reports.....Read More.
Good! After all, until the crime of Rape ends, a legal and save abortion needs and must remain an option for all women.

Contraception Provides Vast Economic, Social Benefits to Women, Guttmacher Review Finds
Women's ability to use effective contraception to plan whether and when to have children is linked to positive financial, professional and emotional outcomes, according to a review by the Guttmacher Institute, Salon reports....Read More.

Well, Duh! The other reason why many girls/women have abortions is because they can neither afford to raise the child Nor the 9 months of pregnancy--a.k.a. the time off from work/school and all the prenatal medical visits to the doctor nor the prenatal vitamins and or tests, such as ultra-sound, since all too many Americans--men and women-do not have medical coverage, Yet.
This is what I call yet another example of how and why so many the so-called 'Pro-Lifer's' are really just Anti-Choice, since their actions cost more lives than save.

And while, we are saving as many lives as we can, there is also>>>>

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After all, Finances or a lack there of, is not only one of the reasons that women cannot remain pregnant, but is one of the reasons couples argue and fight and get divorced. In addition, it is also a reason why many of us are not as Green as we wish we were, I know, because that is where I am at. Finances are also why people do not keep up their property as they should, since repairs cost money, that is where my younger son is at and why he needs my help, or at least as much as I can.

After all, I believe if we work together, we can rebuild this Economy One Family at a time, without having to leave anyone behind.