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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thus far today--It begins with the Economy, how it ends is anyone's guess.

By Ed Kilgore, The Washington Monthly
A record number of people are getting nutritional assistance because a record number of people are poor. READ MORE»
In addition, it is cold and cruel to just yet at a person who is on welfare to get a job, I know I have been on welfare when my late husband was out of work for a while, but yet, he did not want me to work, since he said I was needed at home. That is why this blog in not about yelling and screaming-get a job. It is about sharing the tools needed to get a job.
After all, most people do not want to be on food stamps, it is only that food stamps is the better alternative than having no food at all.

Such as>>>
Bring Your Customer Service Game
by Mary Nestor-Harper, for
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Customer Service Resume Reminders
by Jeffrey T. McCormack for
The days of photo-copying a stack of generic, carbon-copy resumes is long gone. To stand out in today's market you must customize your resume... Read More

Yes, this is scary, yet the most delicious challenge for those of us, like myself, who is in the Customer service industry. After all, just because some customers are willing to accept bad service does not mean we get to get lazy, it means we have to work that much harder. This is also why I believe that I need to keep growing. Thanks to the audio books that I take to the gym, that is what I have been doing. My current audio book is 'Pride and Prejustice', Yes--I am finally listening to this classic. What can I say my English classes did not require that we read this, so when I was young and foolish, I did not. I confess that it has too me this long to listen to it, I hope this is a sign that I am finally becoming older and wiser.

And A Warning>>>
Top 10 Ways to Get Fired
Most people start their jobs with the best of intentions, never thinking they could be fired. After all, that's a fate reserved primarily for incompetents and workers caught with their hand in the company till, right? Wrong. You might not realize just how slippery the slope out the door can be.
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Maybe it is me, but personally I hate job hunting. That is why I would rather work at making a job work that to go through the process of finding a new job.
The Scary New Normal for Customer Service
by Mary Nestor-Harper, for
Today, with customer service in decline, shoppers don't even expect to get good customer service anymore, especially in certain types of retail stores... Read More