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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This is me--Today. The Environment and Movies and More.....

The Good News and the Bad News is that one of my e-mail got a response from my U.S. Sen Robert Portman, who did thank me for my e-mail concerning the National Parks, but it also included>>>
Unfortunately, as American families have tightened their belts over the past couple of years and businesses have had to do more with less, the federal government has taken the opposite path, spending more, growing bigger, and becoming more involved in our economy and our lives.    Getting our deficit and debt under control is the single most important step we can take to get our economy going, create the jobs we need so badly, and have federal funding available for priorities like  national parks
Which sounds nice, BUT-But what Sen Portman seems to have forgotten to take in consideration. There are Alternative Energy Sources That Do provide Jobs and In the Future Can Provide Even More Jobs.

"The answer my friend is blowing in the wind." Bob Dylan 1962

I want to introduce you to a better option for your energy use. Pear Energy is a simple way to buy clean energy for your home or business. Pear Energy buys from small-scale, cooperative-owned wind farms — 100% clean energy that does not pollute our air, dirty our water or put our families and our planet at risk of disaster. We are also developing new sources of both solar and wind power.
We know the answer is blowin’ in the wind. We also know that our customers deserve great service. Pear is determined to be a company you will be proud to have chosen.
A Green Energy Energy Company, I like that Idea, even though I am not ready to change companies, yet again.
Then, again, there are many other ways, to become part of the solution to pollution, such as>>>
  View as a web page here.
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 Dear Reader, I am passing on this e-mail, because I believe is supporting Good Causes and Good People, such as:

A few hours ago, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 10-8 to approve universal background checks for all gun purchases.

The next step is a vote before the full U.S. Senate, which could happen as early as next month.

But, amazingly, while background checks are supported by more than 90% of Americans, there's still work left to do to convince a majority of Senators.

I won't stop until we do.

Can I count on your $5 contribution to help us pass universal background checks?

Last week, thousands of supporters called Judiciary Committee members while we ran television and online ads in their home states.

I took a lot of important votes in Congress and know how critical your voice is. If we keep working together, we're sure to pass meaningful legislation to reduce gun violence.

Thank you,

Gabby Giffords

By The Way, for all my fellow View Fans, who were as disappointed as I was that The View was interrupted by the pope business. After all, it would have been one thing If they actually Did Name the new pope, but they interrupted it for what--for what, how the voting gets done?!?!?!?!?.
One of the few things we got to hear was on how last night, Ms. Whoopi Goldberg spent 3 hours last night, watching The Bachlor, well personally I was off from work last night and went to see the movie--Oz the Great and Powerful--a very good movie, which I recommend to anyone who has yet to see it.

Voters in Byron, Maine, have unanimously rejected a proposed law that would have required each household in the 140-person town to own a firearm and ammunition. FULL STORY

GOOD NEWS--At least, One Town understands that more guns are not the solution to our Gun Violence Problem!!!!