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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursdays Mix of tough love, but still fighting the good fight

Paul Ryan is about to present the new House Republican budget to reporters -- and no surprise to anyone, it’s got his pen marks all over it.

Tax breaks for millionaires? Check. Replacing Medicare with vouchers? Yep. Reports say that Paul Ryan will call for ending Medicare as we know it for America’s seniors. Well, we’re not -- and I hope you’re with us.

Sign here to tell Paul Ryan that slashing Medicare to pay for millionaire tax breaks is off limits.

When there are Big Oil millionaires and billionaires getting tax breaks and handouts, it’s just wrong for the House Republican budget to be balanced on the backs of seniors.

Help us reach 100,000 strong calling out Paul Ryan and House Republicans:

Personally, I say So What! After all, having canvassed the Neighborhood and meeting so many senior citizens who were very Proud Republicans--Now We Independents and Democrats are suppose to spend our time and spend our money to save these people from the ones that They Themselves Voted Into Office--NOT!!!!!


Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is a liar. I mean, anyone paying attention at all during the last presidential election should have come to that conclusion by now....
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This is why Politicians like this Need and Must Be Voted out of Office--Any One Stupid Enough to Vote for him, get what they deserve.

Applying for financial aid seems like a no-brainer during the college admissions process. After all, college costs are higher than ever, and the economic...
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This is the worst thing possible--This is how destructive Greed is.  After all, The Middle Class Is the Backbone of Society. The worst thing that we could do is to keep the poor poor. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee--This is not the way to build the Middle Class.

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