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Monday, March 12, 2012



U.S. Soldier Opens Fire On Civilians In Afghanistan

BALANDI, Afghanistan — Moving from house to house, a U.S. Army sergeant opened fire Sunday on Afghan villagers as they slept, killing 16 people – mostly women and children – in an attack that reignited fury at the U.S. presence following a wave of deadly protests over Americans burning Qurans.
The attack threatened the deepest breach yet in U.S.-Afghan relations, raising questions both in Washington and Kabul about why American troops are still fighting in Afghanistan after 10 years of conflict and the killing of Osama bin Laden.
The slayings, one of the worst atrocities committed by U.S. forces during the Afghan war, came amid deepening public outrage spurred by last month's Quran burnings and an earlier video purportedly showing U.S. Marines urinating on dead Taliban militants. . . .
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Dear Lord, Jesus; May all 16 Innocent victims of this atrocity--Rest In Peace and Please Grant Favor for their families that they may some how and in some way carry on with their lives, because life is far to precious, indeed. Amen and Amen.

Suicides, Mental Health Woes Soar Since Start of Iraq War, Study Finds

  By (@carrie_gann) , ABC News Medical Unit

Since the start of the Iraq War in 2003, the rate of Suicide among U.S. Army soldiers has soared, according to a new study from the U.S. Army Public Health Command.
The study, an analysis of data from the Army Behavioral Health Integrated Data Environment, shows a striking 80 percent increase in suicides among Army personnel between 2004 and 2008. The rise parallels increasing rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions in soldiers, the study said. . . .
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Somehow, it does not feel as if it is any coincidence that the American Soldier who did this most evil deed was on his Forth Deployment, Not that that can or should Justify this most evil deed, but may explain how such evil can happen when a person's mind snaps under pressure.

The way, I--this blogger. sees it--The United States Most important duty, along with punishing this person accordingly, Is To See That THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN; Which mean we have two options. 1) An immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is not practical, since the cure may very well be as bad if not worse than the disease. 2) Bring back the draft, so that we, all American Families will share the burdens of war, equally.

Unfortunately, option two is more likely. Unfortunate for me, as the Mother of one 23 year old son and one 21 year old son; because should there be a draft. One or both of them would most likely get drafted. As I write this, I dread that possibility and the probability of sending them to their deaths, but more and more--the families who are carrying the burden of this load of doing all the sacrificing of lost lives and lost family time, is not fair to them, either and unless something is done there is the increasing danger of other soldiers snapping and doing such evil.
Dear Lord, Have Mercy, We are there to save Innocent lives--NOT TO TAKE THEM, or until their military can take over security.