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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

By The Numbers-- 6 Good Habits when you are the boss . . . /20 Things to know about the Tragedy.

The 6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers - You're the boss, but you still spend too much time on the day-to-day. Here's how to become the strategic leader your company needs. In the beginning, there was just you and your partners. You did.
In the beginning, there was just you and your partners. You did every job. You coded, you met with investors, you emptied the trash and phoned in the midnight pizza. Now you have others to do all that and it's time for you to "be strategic."
Whatever that means. . . . To Read more Go To

20 Things You Need to Know About the Tragic Killing of Trayvon Martin

The Department of Justice, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney announced they were launching "a thorough and independent review" of the shooting -- will there be justice?
On February 26, 2012, a 17-year-old African-American named Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida. The shooter was George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old man. Zimmerman admits killing Martin, but claims he was acting in self-defense. Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, passed in 2005, allows people to use deadly force if they believe they’re in imminent danger. Three weeks after Martin’s death, no arrests have been made and Zimmerman remains free. . . . 
 Passed in 2005, while Jeb Bush, the younger brother of former President George W. Bush/ another son of Former President George H.W. Bush) was Governor of Florida.

2. Zimmerman pursued Martin against the explicit instructions of the police dispatcher:
Dispatcher: “Are you following him?”
Zimmerman: “Yeah”
Dispatcher: “OK, we don’t need you to do that.”
3. Prior to the release of the 911 tapes, Zimmerman’s father released a statement claiming “[a]t no time did George follow or confront Mr. Martin.” [Sun Sentinel]
If this does not prove that Zimmerman's Family and friends are willing to LIE for him, I don't know what else would.

6. Martin’s English teacher described him as “as an A and B student who majored in cheerfulness.” [Orlando Sentinel]
7. Martin had no criminal record. [New York Times]
8. Zimmerman “was charged in July 2005 with resisting arrest with violence and battery on an officer. The charges appear to have been dropped.” [Huffington Post]
9. Zimmerman called the police 46 times since Jan. 1, 2011. [Miami Herald]

That should be--Enough Said (period) but there Are 12 MORE Things to Know about this case and why this man should have been arrested-->