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Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Sunday Sermon

Democracy cannot function without an informed citizenry, and an ignorant public is just what Santorum and his allies count on. READ MORE
Henry A. Giroux /
Having had worked under these conditions, I can say that this is indeed true to a degree. After all, with all due fairness, just because my former supervisor Ethel 'Jane' and her younger sister the company owner/ boss-Lora, who was the one and only 'disciple' of her older sister. 'Jane', who was 'so full of the Holy Ghost that to question her was to plead guilty of spiritual immaturity or spiritual ignorance or worst Witchcraft. After all, being Holy Ghost filled Christians, they claimed the right to rip off  Witches any way and every way possible, and considering Lora wrote out the pay check--it was very possible, indeed.
After all, being the Caucasian Tea Party Republicans that they were they also claimed The Holiness, The Righteousness and The Whiteceousness of God. After all, I remember being 'spiritually immature' enough once to make the mistake of saying how blessed I was to have watched Dr.Cleflo Dollar. After all, I was so blessed by what he said that I forgot the he's an African-American Clergy, when I mistakenly shared it, because I was also shot down, since only spiritually immature Caucasian Christians are blessed by African-American Clergy, whom I was told are only there to lead week kneed Caucasian to Jesus and for the chronically immature African-American population, whom God still loves despite their intellectual and thus their spiritual inferiority--according to 'Jane'. who of course insisted that she was not a Racist.
This is why I believe all too many, but NOT ALL, Right-wing extremist of the Republican party hate those of us who think for ourselves and worst of all are the Scientists and Teacher who instruct others to do the same--OtherWise Known as Corrupting the next generation and The Masses.

This of course lead to--->

The Right's latest freak-out over the Girl Scouts of America is beyond hypocritical. READ MORE
By Katie Ryder / Salon

God Forbid young girls do not 'goose step' behind the Cross of Jesus or behind the Religious Right who would have them believe that Motherhood is their one and only duty in life or worst their one and only option in life. 
This hypocrisy is made even worst when the condemn the Muslim Extremist who do the exact same thing, but in the name of Allah.  As if Sexism can be justified.

Sexism is War on Women, Ir regardless of whose name it is in--either way it goes against the True Teachings of The Holy Bible, from Chapter 31 of the Book of Proverbs to The Gospels of Jesus Christ, who preached face to face with the woman at the well and was just as forgiving of her sins as the woman who was caught in the very act of adultly, but not the man by the men, but Jesus forgave her, with instructions for her to sin no more and for the men--let him who is without sin cast the first stone. 

I can not believe True Islam would preach 'Sexism', although growing up in a Christian Family and having only read the Holy Bible, I confess that I have never read the Koran nor really have any desire to read that particulate Holy Book, since I do not plan on changing my religious beliefs to that extent. Therefore, I believe I can only comment to a very limited degree on something that I know and understand to such a limited degree. However I can not believe that War on Women or on Learning is Condoned in the Koran any more or less than in the Holy Bible.