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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesdays Wake Up Call!!!!

Why the GOP Campaign for the Presidency Is About Guaranteeing a Radical Conservative Future for America

The Republican presidential campaign is not just about the presidential race. It is about using conservative language to strengthen conservative values in the brains of voters.
Photo Credit: A.M. Stan----The Santorum Strategy is not just about Santorum. It is about pounding the most radical conservative ideas into the public mind by constant repetition during the Republican presidential campaign, whether by Santorum himself, by Gingrich or Ron Paul, by an intimidated Romney, or by the Republican House majority. The Republican presidential campaign is about a lot more than the campaign for the presidency. It is about guaranteeing a radical conservative future for America. . . . .
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We, the American Voter, need and must learn from History or else we are doomed to repeat it over and over again, until it destroys us and the rest of the world, by ultimately valuing money above and beyond all else--most especially--Our Environment. As if we could make enough money then we would no longer need clean drinking water or fresh air or could adapt to poisonous food.
The war on workers just keeps on coming. The next state facing a so-called "right to work" law, which would defund labor unions by allowing workers to access the protections of the union without paying fair representation costs, appears to be Minnesota. 
Today, as the state Senate Judiciary Committee debated and passed the bill with a 7-6 vote, commentators from the state evoked Madison's massive pro-labor protests when writing about the response from the people. "'Just vote no!' and 'Hey, hey, ho, ho, attacks on workers have to go!' echoed through the Capitol corridors Monday morning as an estimated 1,000 members and friends of labor unions chanted their disdain. . ." wrote one, at the Star Tribune; another, at the Pioneer Press, noted "Hundreds of unionized workers filled the Minnesota Capitol today, preparing for battle as a proposed constitutional amendment that would make it harder for unions to organize gets its first legislative hearing.    Read more

         By Sarah Jaffe | AlterNet


Now we get to the real reason the Republican Party is 'Pro-Life' and 'Anti-Birth Control. In addition, this is how Viagra and Testostrone treatments are justifiable, but 'Birth Control' is evil. After all, with more and more people needing jobs to feed more and more children there becomes a desperation for jobs, with desperation more and more employees become desperate enough to do more and more for less money and fewer benefits, if any.  This is why President Barack Obama's Health Care Plan terrifies Big Business and their hirelings--The Republican Party, who only serve the 1%--The Richest of the Rich.  


Nearly Half of Today’s Primary Voters Believe Obama Is Muslim

Submitted By Robin Marty

Today, Alabama and Mississippi will vote for a Republican candidate to challenge President Barack Obama.  And we can only hope that they are slightly more informed about their own candidates than they are about the president himself.
According to polling done by Public Policy Polling, 45 percent of Republican voters in Alabama believe Obama is a Muslim.  And in Mississippi, that number increases to 52 percent.  Between the two states, only 12 to 14 percent of GOP voters could correctly identify Obama’s faith as Christian.

No, President Barack Obama is not a Muslim, but then again, Even If he was--The United States Would Still be Governed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights and still would have been founded by the Declaration of Independence. 

The biggest questions are Why are the Republicans still lying??? What will it take to end these lies and deceptions, most especially grievous since they are being told in the Name of Jesus AS IF Jesus has become a Liar.  With Christian Extremist like these, who needs an Adversary?



Check out--"Who Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who on You-Tube Today.