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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stop the Violence Part II

Good people are willing to subvert the U.S. Constitution and even violate human decency in their quest for convertsMany evangelicals wear their religion on T-shirts and around their necks and on car bumpers and eye-blacks. They hand out tracts on college campuses and stage revival meetings on military bases. They use weddings and funerals to preach come-to-Jesus sermons. In their resolve to spread the good news that Jesus saves, some also do things that are more morally dubious. . . . .
Valerie Tarico / AlterNet
It is Fundamentalism of all religions that can and all Too Often, when taken to a deadly extreme that faith and religion becomes a curse, instead of a Blessing, not just Christianity or Islam, BUT ALL RELIGIONS CAN BECOME A CURSE, when people forget that each and every person that they meet has just as much right to agree with them as to disagree with them and visa versa.
p.s.--I confess my worst subject in school was spelling, which was the one and only subject that I flunked. I confess that I am probably one of the worst spellers in Ohio, if not--The U.S.A.

Rush may look like a buffoon in the PR war, and women may be fighting back, but the war on women continues, and we're losing rights by the minute.Don't be fooled by the Limbaugh backlash. It's true that progressives and women's groups are fighting back with unprecedented vigor, and the campaigns against Komen, against Rush Limbaugh's sexist smears, against the Blunt Amendment, show that women can organize quickly and powerfully over social media. And yes, it remains crucial that the nasty sexism and racism emitting from the shock jock is finally getting its deserved public airing. . . . .

The sad reality is the forces to take back all the gains women have made have not let up, because they are hiding behind other so called issues. It is especially Ironic, IMO, since once upon a time Conservative Christians used sexism as a reason to condemn Islam, but now they are the ones who are fighting against Women's Rights here in the United States. They are the Homophobics. 
Even sadder there are women such as Anne Coulter, Sarah Palin among other Republican women, who are just as willing as the Republican old white men to sell Women's Rights Down the river.

On the heels of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett's vile remark that women who do not want to view a forced ultrasound should just close their eyes, The Texas Chronicle has a piece showing how profoundly mandated ultrasounds affect women, and why they are nothing more than a cruel attack on agency. It is a disturbing, eye-opening story, but by speaking out, women are fighting back.
Carolyn Jones was halfway through her pregnancy, and excited to be a mother again, when she learned that her baby would be "profoundly" ill, and suffer from the day he was born. Jones describes cringing at the doctor's use of the word "abortion," which felt "like a physical the context of our much-wanted child." She made the hard decision to do what she considered most compassionate, and terminate her pregnancy. It was the last call she was legally able to make.       Read more

 The truth is out there, BUT WARNING--It Is All Too Often UGLY--VERY UGLY-Indeed. 

Children of Famous Anti-Gay Extremists Speak Out (VIDEO)