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Thursday, March 8, 2012

R-E-S-P-E-C-T-- is what we all want and deserve; nothing more, nothing less.

Hyatt hotels has a funny way of showing appreciation for its housekeepers; first it tapes their faces onto pictures of bikini-clad babes, and then it fires them. READ MORE
By s.e. smith / AlterNet

As a woman who once worked for a Cleaning Service, I can say from personal experience that housekeeping/cleaning is very much physical labor and the people who do it are very much worthy of respect. They are the part of 'the Thankless Masses' that nobody sees, but if and when they are not there or don't do their jobs then it is noticed when a person walks into a messy apartment or when the new owner of the house walks into a mess instead of a new house or apartment.

For a Republican Party already suffering from a yawning gender gap, Limbaugh's hijacking of the news cycle last week must have been unwelcome news. READ MORE
By Eric Boehlert / Media Matters for America
What the Republican Party must realize the next generation is becoming more and more tolerant and open to new and different ways of living and seeing life.  It is the oldest and older generations that are set in their ways and demand other conform to their view of right and wrong, otherwise know as their 'values'.   After all, the United States is Not a theocracy, the United States is a Secular Nation with a Constitution; A Bill of Rights. The United States was established by the signing of the Declaration Of Independence. These are our laws and our bases for our laws. Yes, most of the signers of our Declaration Of Independence were Christian, but that does not mean that the Holy Bible is the only Holy Book people have to read or that they must have a Holy Book to read at all